Friday, September 22, 2023

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6 thoughts on “Hunt MD, Courtney – Zinc Spark is the EPR This is the moment you’re all looking for
  1. "Flipping of DNA is correlated with visual memory"….??? I have to many questions. What book has soo much info on DHA in the retina?

    I need to know what is the effects of coherence with suns energy. Basically what do you think are the effects of harmonicing and strenghthening my bodies electromagnetic field through cohrent pulsing meditation, then engaging while still in the sun, 10 full body sun salutatiins.

    I am assuming a coherent body, resonating with the sun inside its own strengthened electromagnatic aura, would enhace absorbtion of the sun's neutrino energy and adding more strength by harmonic breath with doing sun salutatiins.

    I am conducting this experiment but not resolved yet. What do you think is the effect at atomic level?

  2. Why is there a need for an antenna to harness the Higgs field to the zygote when the Higgs field was interacting with the Higgs field perfectly well the moment before fertilization, as, indeed, all matter does, whether it has an antenna or not?

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