Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria – The Key To Disease and Mental Health with Dr. Martin Picard

Emerging evidence suggests mitochondrial dysfunction can cause or contribute to many psychiatric and neurologic disorders. To promote metabolic and mental health, it’s crucial to better understand mitochondria and what we can do to keep them healthy.

As Dr. Martin Picard explains, mitochondria are small components of cells that are involved in just about every disease process, and by extension, in every aspect of promoting health. Since mitochondria are where we transform food energy into energy our bodies use, it makes sense why they are so important for health and longevity. Dr. Picard from Columbia University is one of the most prominent mitochondrial researchers, and he joins us to discuss all things mitochondria-related – from the basics of what mitochondria are and how they function, to the three most important things we can do to keep our mitochondria healthy.

Expert featured in this video
Martin Picard, PhD
Twitter @MitoPsychoBio

0:00 Introduction to Dr. Martin Picard
3:16 What Are Mitochondria and Where Are They?
9:04 Ecosystem of Mitochondria
10:25 Mitochondria and Disease
16:38 Genetics and Mitochondria
19:18 Lifestyle Choices for Poor Mitochondrial Health
22:08 Impact of Psychological States on Mitochondria
25:55 Medications and Mitochondrial Dysfunction
32:12 How to Improve Mitochondrial Function
52:29 Conclusion

Link to Dr. Picard’s talk from the inaugural Metabolic Psychiatry Conference in 2022

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20 thoughts on “Mitochondria – The Key To Disease and Mental Health with Dr. Martin Picard
  1. @brutalgeneric: thank you for your comment. That is actually helpful. I can easily obtain indirect sunlight. I live in the sunny southwest. I slather sunscreen on whenever I step outside. Perhaps in late afternoon going out without without the sunscreen for a walk would be an ideal way to get indirect sunlight. Very helpful tip.

  2. Have any studies been done looking at mitochondrial function in people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome aka ME, in which persistent lack of energy (?= tiredness) is a major common feature?

  3. My God, I can't believe what I'm hearing that finally something in the realm of academia saying the static model that currently pervades the medical system is wrong. That the body can go closed loop for all sorts of functions. That what is in the blood may be a function of programming of a dna strategy code. You mean that a modern car computer that limits energy to under or over parameter modules or manages damage is not more advanced than the human body. You mean we may be on our way to understanding certain go to practices in emergency that kill a certain amount of patients may be understood. Like administering oxygen as a matter of course rather than out of a need causing heart attacks strokes etc. No not possible next you will try and tell me the code of the medical establishment/councils that protects Killer/criminal delusional doctors and allows them to practice will end. Is that light shinning through into the darkness no I don't believe it.

  4. Thank you for sharing. It would have been a more effective video if it would be more focus; the Mitochondria process is a fantastic system in itself. I have been doing intermittent 12-16 hours fasting max and it helped me feel better; in the UK they have the Zoe app that has done some interesting research on body metabolism.

  5. I wonder if HIIT , sprinting and such has a different effect on mitochondrial supply from aerobic training ? If we look at long distance runners compared to 100 meter runners the muscle growth is very different . Even looking at 200 meter vs 100 meter runners displays a massive difference. It seems reasonable to me that loooooooong distance running id depleting your energy where as with sprinting you seem to be energised once you catch your breath.
    However I have inflicted Achilles tendonitis to on myself – mainly due to idiocy. I recommend lots of strength training of the Achilles area prior to sprinting . Especially if you are only young in your heart , mind and soul. ……
    Rehab takes a long time weeks into months, but I can do Air Bike. No excuse.

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