Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Groundbreaking Discovery of Bacteria Related to Mitochondria In Our Bodies

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the mysterious origin of mitochondria
Animal that doesn’t breathe
Your DNA are viruses:

0:00 Who are human beings?
1:40 Mitochondria
3:15 Mitochondrial functions and properties
4:40 Origin of mitochondria
7:25 Where did they come from?
8:10 How this was found
8:55 Best match – mitochondrial cousin

#mitochondria #biology #originoflife

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26 thoughts on “Groundbreaking Discovery of Bacteria Related to Mitochondria In Our Bodies
  1. It is just like saying a rock is a spaceship and not only that you are saying the spaceship made itself,all lies LIES LIES just common sense you know,don't be so smart the truth is in plain sight.Just separate yourself from everything and everyone and fast a few days and all of a sudden your eyes will be opened

  2. A large majority of humans decided it was a good idea to use mRNA technologies and will deal with the consequences. Spoiler alert
    It doesn’t end well. Wait for the autoimmune diseases

  3. Stop saying "seems to be" anton
    Mitochondria doesn't seem to posses its own DNA…it does
    Red blood cells dont seem to lack Mitochondria… they shed their Mitochondria as its no longer necessary to their function
    , during their transition from being stem cells. Stem cells have Mitochondria too
    Mitochondria doesn't seem to be inside cell… they are located inside cells.

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