Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Revolutionary scientific breakthroughs: Unveiling the beneficial effects of ELO Drinking Water

Revolutionary scientific breakthroughs surrounding ELO Drinking Water have now been officially published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal!

The research work on ELO Drinking Water was a collaborative effort by physicians and scientists from Changi General Hospital in Singapore, Monash University, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and University of Tasmania.
In this video, we delve into what the studies on ELO Drinking Water have discovered about its effects on Type 2 diabetes.
a) Unveiling the beneficial effects of ELO Drinking Water on Type 2 diabetes: Our research has uncovered a game-changing benefit of ELO Drinking Water for individuals with Type 2 diabetes by significantly lowering long-term blood glucose levels.  
b) Fast-Acting Effects of ELO Drinking Water: ELO Drinking Water does not take long to work on the blood glucose. In just 6 weeks of daily consumption of 1.5L of ELO Drinking Water, participants experienced significant reductions in blood glucose levels.  
c) ELO Drinking Water can raise blood oxygen levels: The researchers found that after just one week of drinking ELO Water, blood oxygenation was doubled. This important finding could have wider ramifications than just diabetes.  
d) ELO Drinking Water was found to improve cell energy: Mitochondria studies revealed that ELO Drinking Water enhanced ATP production and protected mitochondria from damage caused by high blood glucose.  

Get ready to find out how ELO Drinking Water is a game-changer in diabetes management as we take you through the details of these findings in the video.  

* All studies were conducted using ELO Drinking Water.

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