Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Aging is Now Optional w/ David Sinclair | EP #60

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In this episode, filmed during Abundance360, Peter and David discuss David’s groundbreaking research on reversing aging through epigenetic changes, emphasizing that aging is not just damage to the body but a loss of information. They talk about age reversal as a possibility, rejuvenating brains, and regaining lost memories.

David Sinclair is a biologist and academic known for his expertise in aging and epigenetics. Sinclair is a genetics professor and the Co-Director of Harvard Medical School’s Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research. He’s been included in Time100 as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, and his research has been featured all over the media. Besides writing a New York Times Best Seller, David has co-founded several biotech companies, a science publication called Aging, and is an inventor of 35 patents

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0:00 – Unlocking the Secret to Longevity
2:45 – Abundance 360 – With Dr. Sinclair
3:06 – Reversing Human Aging: Possible?
7:21 – Aging Beyond its Limits?
8:35 – Understanding the Aging Process
12:02 – Controlling the Epigenome.
15:45 – Reaching Longevity Escape Velocity
16:35 – Can Aging Be Reversed?
20:15 – Symbiotic for Gut Health
21:36 – Exploring the Longevity Lab
22:28 – Rejuvenating Brains With Science
24:16 – Reversing Aging With Drugs
32:26 – Aging Reversal: $38 Trillion
33:15 – NMN: Military Trials for Life
38:48 – Reversing Aging Through Diet
44:09 – A Low Inflammation Lifestyle


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29 thoughts on “Aging is Now Optional w/ David Sinclair | EP #60
  1. 39:20 Don´t go vegan. Don´t use a diet which kills humans unless you use some weird superfood like kimchi or natto or supplement with b12 at least. Very many people went vegan and regretted it a few months or years later, since they started getting health issues EVEN with a huge supplement program for b12, taurine, vitamin D, other amino acids etc, etc.

  2. Facts are out open to all to understand that healthy longevity is possible, but prevent death is equal to trying to bring the dead back to life from mud or create God! healthy people die, smart people die, prophets die, even angels will face death at-least at end times. (no AI can fix that) So idea is not eternal life, the ideas is live longer with good medical health advancements! Many die due to poor medical negligence, accidents or just time up! 👽👽👽

  3. Peter D., I saw you walking in Culver City not too long ago. I almost jumped out of my car to say hello and how much I appreciate your work. I figured some strange man jumping from his car may be quite unnerving. I didn’t say hello but still appreciate your work immeasurably.

  4. I'm 30 and my life has been a flop due to serious mental health problems. Knowing that there's a way to make up for lost time and get a do-over is exciting. I hope this pans out.

  5. So many advertisements it is mostly unwatchable.
    What is the point of living so long if you are poor and tortured.
    We have to rebalance capitalism and care for our planet first.

  6. The WEF is already prepared to wipe out tne lower class and separate the upper class for regeneration… ! Problem is …. the upper class need workers to serve them …. and wipe their buttocks . Some cities are build only for the rich (see Cairo) , and areas are bombed to clear … for when the washout starts …… Earth Reversal.

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