Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Modern Medicine’s Mistakes – Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Infectious Disease & More – Dr Sarah Myhill

Dr Sarah Myhill has been helping patients for over 35yrs with problems ranging from diabetes, thyroid disorders, allergies, addiction, depression, anxiety, auto immunity, fibromyalgia, arthritis and more

She has a particular interest in the mitochondria as they are the source of 80% disease when they malfunction.

Sarah talks about ketogenic diets, addiction, diabetes tips, the worst medications such as PPIs, SSRIs and more

‘I believe modern Western Medicine has lost touch with patients. What patients actually want is an answer to the question why they have developed their particular problem followed by which nutritional, lifestyle or environmental changing factors need they put in place to allow improvements’

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These videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only and not to treat or cure any disease or illness. I am a not a medical doctor, I’m a doctor of biochemistry so information given here is not medical advice it is information for you to consider and further research yourself. Please consult your health care professional or doctor before commencing any kind of exercise, supplement or dietary regime if you have any concerns or current health conditions.


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34 thoughts on “Modern Medicine’s Mistakes – Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Infectious Disease & More – Dr Sarah Myhill
  1. Dr Myhill missed the #1 point which is light and what actually fuels the mitochondria, and major damage done by blue light. I wished Dr Pugh would have respectfully (of course) pushed back and share her (Dr Pugh) amazing knowledge on how to get a person well. Dr Myhill didn’t even talk about leptin, light signals and sleep.

  2. She covered everything, effortlessly. Astonished.

    My wish is to get as soon as possible the option from YouTube to get immediate transcriptions on other languages so that this easy-to-understand valuable knowledge spreads.

    Mrs. Pugh, again, digging up 💎I got wealthy today with this!

  3. That was a very enjoyable watch. Usually I can only make it through 20 minutes of interviews online. It's a shame you guys didn't have longer, hoping to hear a part 2 some day 💪🏼

  4. Great interview, very enjoyable, some great points covered. As an NHS doc I completely understand what Dr Myhill means when she describes not being able to be a good doctor within the constraints of the NHS. I found the same after only 5 years of hospital work. It reached a point where I could no longer prescribe statins and NSAIDs and fluoroquinolones and many other meds and be able to sleep at night. I never had enough time with patients to properly sort them out.

    For anyone reading this, I cannot over-emphasise the light issue in relation to our mitochondria enough. It goes without saying that fuel, movement, and the absence of toxins is important, but light is everything, and magnetism. After a year of working nightshifts exclusively my health was trashed – bedbound, weight loss to 40kg, deranged liver function, sudden onset psychiatric symptoms, insomnia on another level, histamine intolerance and many other unpleasant symptoms. This was all whilst eating a healthy diet of animal proteins and fats and seasonal veg, regular outdoor walks and exercise, living semi-rurally and with a vit D > 80.

    I already knew that conventional medicine would just medicate me and I only really used them for monitoring organ function and to satisfy my GP and neurologist that every avenue had been explored for something specific to treat.

    It took me another year of being predominantly housebound/garden bound with very little improvement to arrive at the connection between light and mitochondria and health. And despite spending months in the garden including sunrises despite the insomnia and developing a good tan again with a vit D now 85 the needle still wasn’t shifting. It is only since introducing blue blockade that things are turning around. This includes software on all my devices, day and night eye lenses, no bulb use whatsoever only candles when it’s dark. I have light blue eyes and my understanding that due to less melanin this means blue-eyes individuals are even higher risk for blue light toxicity. I am now confident that I can recover in time and for once I am now looking forward to a UK winter where I will be fully embracing the dark and cold. Based on my n=1 I will also say that I believe individuals can be replete in sunlight and still be extremely blue light toxic. I hope this is helpful or at least interesting to anyone reading this. One day when I am fully recovered I will certainly be dedicating the rest of my career to quantum health and mitochondria to help improve or maintain health in others where conventional medicine will surely fail.

    P.S For anyone who hasn’t read the Salt Path trilogy by Raynor Winn- those books can teach you more about health than most medical degrees ever will. A British author and all based on true events – highly recommend

  5. Lovely interview, thanks 👍🏻. I am 90% in agreement with Sarah and eat in a very similar way, but … there is no mention of industrial seed oils … very curious 🤔

    Would be great to ask Sarah to discuss the Papua New Guineans of Tukisenta. In 1973 a study reported that the macronutrient ratio of their regular diet was heavily skewed toward carbs (94.6 percent) with only 3 percent fat and 2.4 percent protein. A lot of carbs! Yet they were lean and healthy. None of the NCD of those of us in the West. So it can’t be just too much sugar that is making our population obese?

    The main difference comparing the Standard American Diet (SAD) to theirs was … their high-PUFA omega-6 level was only 0.6 percent. High-PUFA Omega-6 fats are what mostly makes up industrial seed oils. I think I read somewhere that Americans eat up to 30% of their daily calories from these industrial seed oils… These days many people are eating masses of high-PUFA Omega-6 fats every day. These fats only became fully mainstream when the low-fat fad started in the 60’s and 70’s.

    The mechanism is simple, too much high-PUFA Omega-6 damages the Mitochondria, resulting in Mitochondrial Disfunction, which leads to all the other chronic ailments.

    Remove / Eliminate Rapeseed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Soy, etc, etc from your diet and all will be well 😀

    (Fruit oils are fine: eg Coconut, Avacado, Olive oil, as well as all animal fats of course)

  6. I enjoyed this discussion a lot, thank you. I would love to see supporting research papers on the things mention in your videos. Easier for me to read up, and easier to share to people who may want to know it's supported by actual data.

  7. Pity that government recommendation are the opposite of what we need, make the corporations richer and need pharma who also make more money. Meat is being demonified by the new coming world government and carbs being really pushed hard. Anyone for population culling.

  8. Mind blown. Keeping sugar out of home works here. I can get away with an occasional sweet treat when out.(homebody) eat mostly organic & narrow eating window. Nice to know why this style basically same, works.

  9. Yes. As a lic'd p.t. & health coach I find myself in this situation where ppl want to gain strength and reduce pain but aren't willing to change or transform by truly improving their life habits, such as what foods they eat and being opened to learning about physiology… they basically want to mostly the same wrong patterns of sustenance and expect improvements in their health… frustrating… still they'll end up with preventable conditions…

  10. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. Be preventative and proactive in your bid to be healthy with diet is the message. ‘’The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease’’. Thomas Edison.
    For myself I eat a WFPB diet. It’s what works for me. Y’all eat what ya want. At 60 years of age, I need to eat enough fiber daily to stay regular. Cannot rely on laxatives and psyllium husks to do the job anymore. After hip replacement surgery last year, I changed my diet again. Because my stomach was not tolerating NSAID’s well, I cut out all inflammatory foods. The worst are sugar, dairy, meat and trans fats. I add anti inflammatory foods into my diet daily as well. Berries and cherries baby!
    I no longer take pain meds nor any non essential meds. No tums and after the fact crap like that! Find the problem and fix it. Don’t try and fix the symptoms or effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. If it’s digestive issues change your diet to one that doesn’t cause stomach upset. Big Pharma is heavily lobbied in the United States. It’s considered a legal form of bribery here. Big Pharma makes up new diseases and afflictions to hawk their meds. Doctors prescribe like crazy here. Plop plop fizz fizz, oh whatta relief it is? Pop a pill and get on with your life Big Pharma says. In this day and age of ‘give it to me yesterday’ mentality, pills will always be popular remedies for maladies.

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