Friday, September 29, 2023
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Mission Carnivore: A live discussion on the carnivore diet in 2023

Streaming live with @pokomoonfam on the Chatting with Carnivores series. We discuss the carnivore diet, how to start and succeed, carnivore pets, and health benefits of the carnivore diet.

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I’m a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer living the carnivore lifestyle since March 22nd, 2023. I lost 30lbs in the first 90 days, and have become much healthier in the process. Join me as I give a military perspective on the carnivore WOE, find great recipes, learn tips and tricks, and gain insight on practical ways to fit the carnivore diet into your life! If you follow me, I’m going to be your “Battle Buddy”, setting you up for success!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and am not giving medical advice. This is simply a channel about my experience. Please consult your own physician if you have questions or concerns about nutrition, weight loss, or your conditions.

Follow these Carnivore thought leaders! They all guided me on my journey…
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6 thoughts on “Mission Carnivore: A live discussion on the carnivore diet in 2023
  1. I can't believe I'm the only comment. Found you recently, love your videos. Yes you are right about learning from someone you connect with. I'll be 60 in Dec. Cooking for one sucks. Suggestions? You look great 🙂

  2. 57 years old. Carnivore. Geek with a machine gun. Espionage. Rugby, AND a John Wayne fan? Were we separated at birth brother?😂 The first "grown up" movie I was allowed to watch was "The Alamo". My dad served on Motor Torpedo Boats in WWII, so mum's fav movie was "They Were Expendable". Mine is "The Searchers". My job title in the Intelligence Corps was Operator, Special Intelligence (Linguist). So I definitely qualify as a geek with a machine gun 😂. It was as a specialist Arabic linguist that I found myself seconded to Radio Recon Platoon, USMC. We ignored the MREs and lived off Pringles and Goobers!🤢🤢. My buddy, Trav W, from St Petersburg, Florida was adopted by his local branch of Hooters. As you can imagine the motivational pictures sent by the staff were heart warming to say the least. So many thanks to you ladies 🥰! SEMPER FI! 💪

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