Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Change Course to Appropriately Address Inflammation

0:00 Introduction and why I became interested in Immunology
2:40 Inflammation and how you can differentiate yourself amongst peers
3:43 Today’s objectives
5:35 What is inflammation?
9:30 Inflammation at the root of all chronic conditions
12:30 Roles of the immune system
15:17 Complexities of the inflammatory process
18:59 Where can the inflammatory process go wrong
23:13 Misconceptions in addressing inflammation
30:32 Connection between inflammation and autoimmunity
31:08 Assessment of autoimmunity
37:44 5R’s Reimagined
40:11 Conclusion
40:45 Introduction to the IDN Course
42:40 Topics covered in IDN
44:50 Themed Q&A sessions
45:40 Course logistics
46:09 Contact and register


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