Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Cholesterol Myths & Truths A Quantum Biology & Biochemical Perspective

This videos looks at the biochemistry and quantum biology aspects of cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Vitamin D, Testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and how the mitochondria and structured water play a role in heart disease, stokes and cardiovascular disease

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These videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only and not to treat or cure any disease or illness. I am a not a medical doctor, I’m a doctor of biochemistry so information given here is not medical advice it is information for you to consider and further research yourself. Please consult your health care professional or doctor before commencing any kind of exercise, supplement or dietary regime if you have any concerns or current health conditions.


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33 thoughts on “Cholesterol Myths & Truths A Quantum Biology & Biochemical Perspective
  1. I'm glad you mentioned infection as one of the causes of atherosclerosis. I had a six year long abcess that evolved from a boil that my PCP and 3 dermatologists dermatologists ignored. Despite occasional spikes in WBCs and fevers and finding bacteria in my blood, this was blown off by my PCP. I finally went to an infectious disease physician and had it surgically removed. Abcess started in 2014 and I watched my LDL raise to 300 and Tg to 400; from 130 and 70 respectively. My CAC in 2014 was 42. In 2020 it was 1080.

    I wish you could lecture my cardiologist who thinks I'm crazy.

  2. Sara… bravo you’re awesome thank you for removing the blanket over something that over the past 50+ years has gone against the grain. No pun intended from an ancestral and medical standpoint. Unfortunately, as long as we have big Pharma and big food, we’re going to continue to get lies, as there are so many corrupted entities in the world that keeps brainwashing people. But there’s always hope.

  3. Is this funded by the animal agriculture industry?

    As recommended by the Institution of Medicine, individuals should eat as little dietary cholesterol as possible. This was reiterated in the 2020 – 2025 Dietary Guidelines: dietary cholesterol consumption should be as low as possible. The National Academy’s Institute of Medicine is who determines the Recommended Daily Allowances. And they’re very explicit that based on all the evidence—not just a sliver in time—when it comes to dietary cholesterol, which is found in all meat, dairy, and eggs, intake should be as low as possible, because any intake level above zero increases LDL cholesterol concentration in the blood, and therefore carries increased risk of coronary heart disease, our #1 killer.

    After conviction for false advertising, suggesting eggs were healthy, which I detailed in one of my videos, the egg industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to convince the public, physicians, and policymakers that dietary cholesterol and egg yolk are harmless. But in reality, regular consumption of egg yolks should be avoided by people at risk for cardiovascular disease, which essentially means all North Americans who expect to live past middle age.

    Source: Dr. Greger Nutrition Facts .org

  4. If you’re going to posit that current understanding and treatment of heart disease is fundamentally wrong, then cite data and studies that support your assertions, rather than simply making contrarian statements and cherry picking information to create doubt. Too much reliance on emotion and innuendo.

  5. Hi, just suscribed after finding you via uncle Jack, so can you make a how to move to El-Salvador video. I am a semiconductor researcher, carnivore and biohacker from Finland.😀

  6. Keys' study did not have the power to change medicine and government policy. Its purpose was to lubricate corporate agendas and their facilitation by corrupt politicians. Medical associations are part of this corrupt system. They misrepresent published research and feed filtered information to the public that is essentially misinformation. For example, the Diabetes Association pushes the standard high carb diet as healthy for diabetics. There is no research that supports this policy. Medical associations have a critical conflict of interest since they live off corporate money including Big Agro and Big Pharma. Individuals are left to learn the truth through alternative channels such as this one.

  7. Statins are a hack similar to the practice of blood letting in the past. Instead of addressing the causal factors in foam cell formation that results in atherosclerotic plaques, we have an attack on an essential component of the metabolism. The cholesterol molecule does not contribute to foam cell formation, but oxidized LDL (the lipoprotein carrier of of cholesterol) does. The causes of this oxidation are glycation from high carb intake and the consumption of omega-6 PUFA, in particular linoleic acid, which constitute industrial seed oils. LDL also carries omega-6 fats as esters and these readily oxidize. By contrast saturated animal fats are very stable and are not involved in atherosclerotic plaque formation. So the "healthy" medical association approved diet consisting of lots of carbs and fructose (key factor in protein damage and AGE formation) and omega-6 fats is what is giving people heart disease.

  8. Thank you so much for this very informative video. You answered my questions. I was very surprised with some of the points you made, particularly about vitamin D. I have been supplementing for over 2 decades. I will be getting more sun.

  9. Thanks for this. I keep telling people there is no such thing as good or bad cholesterol, & they just roll their eyes! Statins messed me up. Now I'm healthier, after adopting the KETO diet, & dumping my drug pushing doctor & all her corporate overlords!

  10. Happy to find your channel. Awesome presentation! I wonder if you might (in a video) touch more on the sex hormones in post menopausal women? I went thru menopause at 50 very easily and felt healthy in every way so did not look into hrt. In fact as I watched how poorly my mother did on hrt, I did not want to go there. I have been keto/carnivore for at least 6 years, and I’m 65, very physically fit and feel even better than I did in my 20s. Never had a weight problem, but was fascinated how ketosis affects the brain and with the prevalence of Alzheimer’s, started that way of life to avoid that. I want to do some blood tests and wonder what is actually optimal estrodial, etc for my age?

  11. I see" bullshit opinions" in favor and against cholesterol. Emotional paranoid or manic-like distortions from both sides… I'm tired of self-proclaimed experts in lipid and vascular biology and diet accusing and recommending based on preferences, analogical reasoning and common sense…

  12. Quantum biology? There is no debate among researchers that high levels of LDL cholesterol CAUSES and is a REQUIREMENT for cardiovascular disease (atherosclerosis). Eggs are a cardiovascular disease risk for people who are high absorbers of cholesterol. Eggs are no longer singled out but the recommendation in the USA is that people should still minimize consumption of dietary cholesterol, especially people who already have cardiovascular disease and people with a family history of cardiovascular disease. There is no debate that high saturated fat consumption significantly increases LDL cholesterol levels in the blood and that high consumption of polyunsaturated fat does not.

  13. There is an interesting natural experiment. Due to genetics, some people produce lifelong high LDL-C and lose 15-30 years of life expectancy if untreated. A more severe form results in cardiac events in teenage years, and can result in death in your 20's. The opposite is also illustrative – people that genetically have lifelong low LDL-C basically never get heart disease (nor do they suffer any ill effects of very low cholesterol). Nothing else is changed in this natural experiment, except specifically LDL-C being high or low, which would suggest quite strongly that it is involved. Worthwhile looking up familial hypercholesterolemia, and it's more severe homozygous form. Interestingly, those following a low carb high fat diet can have cholesterol levels similar to those afflicted with the more severe form of FH …
    "Severe Dyslipidemia Mimicking Familial Hypercholesterolemia Induced by High-Fat, Low-Carbohydrate Diets: A Critical Review" 2023

  14. Hi Sarah
    New to this channel just come across it so should you not supplement with vit D I'm confused as I have taken vit D for many years I live in the UK

  15. Kudos dr i had stents 7 years ago. I took statins for 5 years. When i started having side effects of statin i left those completely.l did not tell my doctor i eat two eggs take half kg curd and then vegan diet. I m ok my ldl 100 trigyce120. After sopping statin my hdl increased to50. You r right dr sahiba.

  16. Wow! This presentation is completely unscientific bogus (advocacy work) that mixes up really good facts with completely made up conclusions. If this is your source of information, I feel sorry for you.

  17. Incidentally good SFA lowers LDL, not increases it but the proper health marker is TRG/HDL. This is why a good medium chain SFA insulate us from CVD. Statin is highly toxic.

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