Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

DAY 2 – SUNDAY – Post Vax/Long Covid Congress – 27th AUG, 2023

Bringing some of the best researchers together from across the world to expand on the knowledge of diseases related to COVID-19 and its vaccines.

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DAY 1 – Saturday August 26th, 2023, 6 pm UK time
Introduction of speakers and session moderation

Presenter: Dr Philip McMillan, Co-presenter: Joachim Gerlach

– Charles Rixey
– Dr Shankara Chetty
– Christie Grace
– Kevin McCairn, PhD
– Dr Mannan Baig

Q&A and open roundtable discussion

DAY 2 – Sunday August 27th, 2023, 6 PM UK time
Introduction of speakers and session moderation

Presenter: Dr Philip McMillan Co-presenter: Joachim Gerlach

– Dr Stephanie Seneff
– Dr Tina Peers
– Dr Beate Jaeger
– Dr Robin Rose
– Dr Carlo Brogna
– Rachel Jessey, MSc
– Prof Hans Rausch

Q&A and open roundtable discussion


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42 thoughts on “DAY 2 – SUNDAY – Post Vax/Long Covid Congress – 27th AUG, 2023
  1. What a trove of confirmation of information (and some new information too) from Dr. Stephanie Seneff. Thanks very much for covering all of this. I will get to watching everyone else's soon.

  2. Kudos to all participating experts. All speakers contributed to my better understanding of what I suspected all along. Just one question will remain open – has C-19 or the vaccine left permanent and untreatable damage?

  3. God bless these exemplary Pro-Lifers and many more out there in the world whose voices and tireless work to save lives have been suppressed! My sincere thanks to Dr. Philip McMillan & Dr. Joachim Gerlach for taking the lead in championing the Truth. I believe in Jesus and His finished work on the Cross! Jesus has overcome the world and I believe we will see this affirmation in His perfect timing in the not too distant future!

  4. I have to thank you, and all the participants again. I am pleased to hear so much mentioned about antihistamines – I instinctively gave – and have consistently advised taking – the only versions I had to hand to family members who had covid, in the form of hay fever tablets, purely because it seemed apparent from the outset that this virus operated to inflame the immune system and when I contracted the virus that is what it felt as if it wanted to do. I added Elderflower[antiviral] , Echinacea, [nasturtium is an alternative antibiotic] vitamins D and C. I thought of ivermectin but could not obtain it except in the form of my own horse wormers – and in early 2020 it had not, to my knowledge, been explored as a possibility so I failed to trust my own judgement. I would add that I include nettle seeds and plantain when making home remedies and include properly processed iodine, when I remember, some years ago. None of this is ideal but is better than nothing at all from the medical fraternity beyond the threat of a ventilator and highly dubious medicines given when on one, which seemed to be the immediate protocol at the beginning of this episode. I grow most of the plants, and weeds, mentioned here for medicinal purposes.
    I chose an antibiotic because many years ago Jan de Vries, a homeopathic doctor who lived near me, told me that he had caught 'flu from Dr Vogel, his mentor, when he coughed onto him, and he had immediately initiated a programme of echinacea and prevented it from taking hold. It is anecdotal but he also alluded to the interaction of viruses and bacteria within the body. Equally, I thought of ivermectin because of a conversation years ago with a specialist who prescribed it as an anti viral for a friend. The point is, those are personal life experiences, which have shaped my own views. I am not medically trained at all. The other remedies, and some not mentioned, are the result of the ''old wives'' of my youth, spent in the Highlands of Scotland – approach with care and seek instruction before trying to make your own, if you have a mind to. Question, perhaps, the wisdom of endlessly trying to kill the very plants our ancestors revered.

  5. Y'all ready for the "new variants" this fall?!?!😂 I just read an article from the US CDC that vaccinated people are now at risk. I kid you not. The clownshow continues.

  6. That the virus affects people in different ways and brings forth their underlying conditions in a way which is unusual for other viruses must make one wonder what has been developed here.

  7. Amazing as usual. Thank you Dr McMillan. Have followed you from the beginning. I am from NZ and part of many groups still suffering from V injury and long vivid. Will watch again and take notes. Thanks again

  8. For those of us who don't have the education these doctors do, may we get "what to do" in layman's terms? My brain is trying to make sense of all this and it's somewhat overwhelming! Ty all.

  9. E-coli and Klebsiella Pneumoniae bacteria form strong biofilms, and can go into a persistent (dormant) state (persisters). These two aspects have to be addressed when dealing with antibiotic-resistant forms in SE Asia, for instance. There does not appear to be much genetic difference between the persisters and free bacteria, oddly-enough. This is why Carlo's Amoxyclav works well – the clav disrupts the biofilm, allowing the antibiotic to work on the persisters.

  10. I went through 4 rounds of covid in SE Asia (bordering China), before being hammered by delta. Never vaccinated (nor ever will be), but developed severe long-covid 3 weeks after delta receded (mid March 2022). It took 9 months to begin walking again. Was hit with Omicron again in early Jan 2023. LC has gradually receeded over the months.

  11. So we have a lot of information now that concludeds that CV19 is interacting with gut microbiome and possibly through a bacteriophage mechanism. I wonder if this is still the case with current variants?
    I have also read that it basically destroyes bifidobacterium. This alone would have huge detrimental effects on the immune system. Have been making my own kefir for over a year now after looking into this research.

  12. Very scary stuff. Fasting can also help a great deal with recovery and stimulates phagocytosis to remove the offender from the body more quickly! Some benefits of doing occasional extended fasting: High blood pressure is lowered to normal levels very quickly while fasting.
    Fasting restores NAD+ to healthy levels.

    Vitamin D plasma levels are increased as fasting improves metabolic health, and vitamin D in turn increases autophagy.

    Fasting stimulates phagocytosis, the ingestion of bacteria, plaques and viruses by the immune system. It will also remove any 'foreign material' like spikes that are not supposed to be there. Whether natural or unnatural in origin..

    Fibrosis/scarring is reversed over time.

    Telomeres are lengthened and fasting also increases anti-aging Yamanaka factors.

    Blood clotting is reduced and blood clots and arterial plaque are reabsorbed into the body.

    Reflexes and short term memory are increased.

    Fasts from 36-96 h increase metabolic rate due to norepinephrine release!

    After 72 hours or more fasted, your body recycles up to 1/3 of all immune bodies, rejuvenating your entire immune system. This helps prevent the onset of new autoimmune conditions, which develop through a leaky gut and damaged immune system.

    Fasting can help with MS, Depression, BPD, Autism and seizures.

    Thymus is regenerated, which suppresses aging and renews the immune system. The thymus also plays a vital role in fighting cancer.

    Blood sugar and insulin are lowered when fasting, allowing white blood cells to move more freely throughout the body and do their job.

    Weight loss from daily caloric restriction has 1/4 to 1/3 of the weight lost as lean tissue while many studies show fat loss from 36 h fasts without losing any lean tissue!

    The obese will lose extra tissue like loose skin while fasting, but the skinny or frail will have increased growth hormone release than the obese, which helps to make more lean tissue and reduce frailness.

    The hunger hormone ghrelin also lowers with extended fasting and rises from dieting.

    When you move out of MTOR your body shuts down the building blocks of the cell required for viruses to replicate.

    What breaks a fast? Anything with protein or carbohydrates in it will break a fast. Most teas and herbs are OK. Most supplements and meds will either break ketosis directly or contain a filler that will. Many meds are dangerous to take while fasting.

    Does fasting lower testosterone? No, it raises it when the fast is broken by increasing lutenizing hormone. Fasting also increases insulin sensitivity, which helps with muscle building.

    Fasts of 36-96 will not affect short term female fertility or affect menstrual cycle. They also may increase long term fertility, especially in women with PCOS.

    Fasting reduces pain and anxiety by stimulating the endocannabinoid system in a similar way to CBD oil.

    Fasting very quickly reduces leptin resistance, which impairs immune function. One day of fasting can cut your leptin levels in half and gets your immune system working properly again!

    Stomach acid is reduced over time while fasting and can allow for the healing of treatment resistant ulcers. Some patients may need continued acid reduction medication while fasting.

    Does the body preferentially prefer glucose as a fuel? No. Except for brief periods of very intense exercise, your body mainly burns fats in the form of free fatty acids. Your brain also prefers to burn ketones at a rate of around 2.5 to 1 when they are available in equal quantity to glucose.

    Fasting stimulates the AMPK complex and activates autophagy. Autophagy (literally self eating) will cause cells to recycle foreign matter such as viruses and kill cancerous and senescent cells

    Lowering insulin via fasting virtually eliminates chronic inflammation in the body.

    It increases mitochondrial function and repairs mitichondrial DNA, leading to improved ATP production and oxygen efficiency. Increased mitochondrial function also has the added benefit of increasing your metabolism, fighting infection and cancer prevention!

    Fasting releases BDNF and NGF in the blood which stimulates new nerve and brain cell growth. This can help a great deal with diseases like MS, peripheral neuropathy and Alzheimers.

    Fasting also increases telomere length, negating some of the effects of aging at a cellular level.

    When you fast, this stimulates apoptosis in senescent or genetically damaged cells, destroying them. Senescent cells are responsible for many of the effects of aging and are a root cause of the development of cancer.

    A fasting mimicking diet for 3-5 days in a row also provides many of the same benefits as water fasting. FMD usually has 200-800 calories, under 18 g of protein and extremely low carbs.

    Exogenous ketones can aid with fasting, making it easier in healthy people and allowing some people with specific issues to fast in spite of them without worrying as much about hypoglycemia.

    Children, pregnant or nursing women should not fast for periods longer than 16 hours. People with pancreatic tumors or certain forms of hypoglycemia generally cannot fast at all. Type 1 diabetics can also fast but it is more complicated and should be approached with caution as it could lead to ketoacidosis. If you experience extreme symptoms of some kind, especially dizziness or tremors, then simply break the fast and seek advice.



    This list compiled over years of research by the user known as Pottenger's Human on youtube but feel free to copy and paste this anywhere you like, no accreditation needed!

    My channel will always contain an updated version of this list of fasting benefits on the community tab. I also have playlists on fasting and health topics.

  13. 2:52:30– on predisposition. Yes, Stephanie, Dr Zach Bush would agree with you on glyphosate. In addition to Dr Chetty's comments on individual genetic and medical history.
    This whole conference was an eye-opener especially the microbiome and MCAS. I can't express how grateful i am. Many thanks

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