Friday, September 29, 2023
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The Insane Benefits of Berberine: It’s More Than Just a Weight Loss Supplement | Dr. Steven Gundry

Berberine: Your Guide to Ultimate Weight Loss. Berberine has been making waves as the ultimate weight loss supplement, and for a good reason. Not only does it hold the title for its fat-burning prowess, but berberine supplements offer a myriad of health benefits that are hard to ignore.

Discover the science behind berberine’s effectiveness, from being a potent mitochondrial uncoupler to its amazing role in metabolism. Beyond just weight loss, berberine foods and supplements can boost your overall well-being, tapping into polyphenols, mitochondrial uncouplers, and so much more.

Berberine has been captivating health enthusiasts worldwide, and in this episode, I discuss EVERYTHING you need to know about it. This one compound has countless benefits, it transforms your well-being and helps you lose weight like never before.

The secret? It’s a potent mitochondrial uncoupler and a key to weight loss. But that’s just the beginning! I share the many more reasons why Berberine can boost your metabolism and reduce fat storage.

So, whether you’re a wellness aficionado, a weight loss warrior, or simply someone seeking a vibrant and healthier life, hit that play button and find out my tips and tricks when it comes to this viral compound!

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49 thoughts on “The Insane Benefits of Berberine: It’s More Than Just a Weight Loss Supplement | Dr. Steven Gundry
  1. Hi Dr. Gundry, thank you for this information. For two months I’ve been taking 500 mg berberine twice a day with food. Should I be taking it before meals for best effect?
    Also, are nausea and hair loss side effects of this supplement?
    I’ve experienced both.

  2. I hve been taking Berberine for 12 monhts but it did not aid wieigt loss at all… I am still 86kg and eating way less and still gaining and no carbs just eggs and chicken and veg…..I also take 20k iu D3 wotj 500,ch K2….and a Stacl of other vitamins.. I am 72 sp thisis an issue for me and I am doing intermitten fasting as well.. Sometimes when we are out fast food is the only food option in some areas so occasionally will get a butger but no soft drinks or fries.. my A1x is 5.5 just has a full medical check up…GP was thinking TRT but my prostrate is enlarfed so no way I am having TRT and using Saw Palmeto to deal with that one.

  3. Aloha🌴from Maui🌴🌺🌈☀️❤️‍🩹🔥Great info as usual Dr Gundry!!! You saved my life with your research on Lectins- completely changed my life.

  4. Although you stated much information on this supplement and dosaging is crucial, you did not tell your viewers how much milligrams. Many of your viewers are asking you a lot of questions and it seems you are ignoring their question. Why is that, do you not know the answer? You are a real doctor are u not? Have to give you a thumbs down on your video. I suggest you start answering your subscribers answers, you are making money on their likes and subscriptions. You might loose money and viewers, you should think on this!

  5. Thank you for all your hard work over the years. One question please. I cant buy fresh goat milk in my country – is it possible to use goat milk powder? I have started uisng goat chesse for the MCTs. However, does goat milk powder contain MCt's or are they only found in fresh goat milk? Thanks in advance

  6. Brian Kennedy said that Berberine interfered with CAKG intake. Any thoughts?

    CAKG does taste sweet though it is not sugar

    I stopped Berberine and have started to take CAKG 3 times a day. I feel great, but I wish there was more solid information!

  7. Berberine is over rated Dr Gundry. It does nothing for me except for emptying my wallet. So it's not for everyone. Thank you for your time and all your educational videos

  8. blue glasses were a bad choice. they lend themselves to the look of do what I say blindly. they remind me of the blue pill from the matrix. lol

  9. This Doctor needs to be cloned and put into EVERY medical school to re-educate doctors with correct information about HEALTH. He is brilliant, and a gem of a person to anyone with common sense about how to improve their health in a sustained way.
    I just love learning from his simple to understand videos … I respect this man immensely 😊😊👍👍

  10. Hey Dr. G. I have a question about coffee, caffeine and polyphenols. It's been suggested it's best to wait 60 to 90 minutes before having caffeine in the morning to help with fatigue in the afternoon. My question is do you get the same polyphenols benefits with decaf coffee without the caffeine? If you like the taste of coffee and don't want the caffeine isn't decaf a great solution? I currently have my first cup with decaf with MTC oil and have a regular cup later when the cortizone levels level out. Am I still getting the benefits of the polyphenols from decaf? I haven't seen anyone discuss decaf. Thank you.

  11. I have Hashimotos and can loose weight but it’s really hard. I have true metabolic resistance and for years have had such a time getting weight off. I am now taking this and feel hopeful it may help out. I concur with everything you are saying . Thank you for your input on this supplement. 🎉

  12. After years of struggling with my weight, I finally worked it out. I eat 6 hours a day, magnesium, zinc, vit D and B, iron and no gluten. I also eat what I like in the 6 hours and watch Gundry

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