Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

🔴Quantum Health: Beyond Yoga Mats & Into the World of Meat & Sunlight!

Today on the Plant Free MD podcast with Dr Anthony Chaffee, we dive deep into Sarah Kleiner’s wellness journey. From a plant centric yoga teacher to embracing the carnivore diet, and on to discovering how the everyday world around us affects our quantum health, she has had a fascinating journey. Discover how her diet, sunlight, and grounding played a vital role in her mental health, pregnancy journey, and overall wellness. A tale of transformation, motherhood, and some unexpected dietary choices.

Bio: Sarah Kleiner is a Quantum Health Coach with the Quantum Biology Collective (levels 1 & 2), a Certified Nutrition Coach with NASM, and has over 13 years of experience working one on one with clients to optimize nutrition, lifestyle & mindset.
Her goal is to shift the paradigm when it comes to circadian rhythms, health & light, and help people integrate these principles into their lives in a modern world.

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45 thoughts on “🔴Quantum Health: Beyond Yoga Mats & Into the World of Meat & Sunlight!
  1. The 2/3 energy comment is very interesting. Not sure if we actually pull in that much energy from magnetism or light, but I would say light and magnetism could effect how efficiently we use 2/3 of our energy. Thus increasing our actual energy. Blue light interfering with sleep alone can really effect energy levels

  2. Hmm interesting, not sure about mitochondrial protein swelling… Errr I'd like some actual science here. Some good general advice re lifestyle but I'm not convinced as of yet… Bodies 99% water??? Errrr
    Bit crystal waving woo woo
    But yes, I've got grounding sheets, they're great. Blue light blockers, yup great.
    My jury still out on this one….

  3. I feel like calling it "Quantum Healthy" is gimmicky. Anytime someone wants to make something seem amazing and incredible they just stuff Quantum in front of it. Nothing here has anything to do with quantum effects in the sense that it affects one's body. so lame

  4. i started carnivore 2 days ago and im worried i am going to be hungry and get bored of what i can eat. Can you tell me if yogurt is allowed as its from an animal but then i understand its processed, the search engines tell you yes and no depending who is writting the article, its almost like the prefer not to tell the truth

  5. I've been sitting on the fence when it comes to the Carnivore diet and It's become more evident that "plants are trying to kill you." Nutmeg, for example, only requires 2 teaspoons to start showing symptoms of toxicity. Cinnamon only requires a teaspoon a day to start noticing signs of liver damage within a week. And these benefits the health professionals are touting is unproven. For example, they frequently mention B-Carotene as the holy grail and yet, "Studies are reporting mixed results…". And in fact, a Meta-Analysis (2010) looking at B-Carotene saw no reduction in cancer risk or prevention. Even the Australian cancer association is stating its ineffectiveness against cancer prevention and may even increase the chances of cancer for those who smoke.

  6. Dr. Chaffee, did you watch the video, “Piers Morgan Vs Mikhaila Peterson I The Full Interview” done by Piers Morgan Uncensored

    The comment section isn’t very kind. It says it was posted 12 days ago. 13 minutes long.

  7. Please make video on china study diet vs carivore diet, vegans claim that china study plant based diet can cure diseases and make u healthy please make a video in it

  8. Serious question here: Trying to do Carnivore but I have a lap-band and therefore every time I try to eat a meat meal it results in vomiting. I can do dairy, eggs, bacon & fish but that's what I'm limited to, which I will not be able to maintain. Have thought of putting it in blender but it is so unappealing. Any suggestions? I really want to lose wgt & get healthy!

  9. It’s really hard to talk about carnivore, everything is just the opposite of what other people think. Some think I’m crazy and others think I’m just easily manipulated.

  10. 10:00 we need UV light to synthesize hormones
    Leptins are key to fertility
    19:00 Leptins competes with insuline in the hypothalamus
    You should not be insulin or leptin resistant
    She's an ENTP (speaks like CSJ)
    40:00 study : bottle-fed had higher rates of autism than breast fed
    40:40 pregnant women with higher SFA, red meat an cholesterol intake before rates had lower rates of autism in their kids
    44:45 Goitrogens in kale damages your thyroid.
    46:00 they gave kale to cows –> milk –> kids had thyroid failure

  11. Thank you, great show, now what can I do if as a type2 diabetic my blood sugar went too low to 40? I panic I eat strawberries to put it back up but it throw me off …. Thank you Luis

  12. I'm trying to create a list of women who have had success with carnivore births because I want to be able to convince my partner to do meat-based to better the health of our child. So crucial that you find women like this Dr.Chaffee thank you!!!!

  13. Thank you for the info! I'm wondering how you feel regarding help with gout and carnivore… my husband has ate this way 1 month and today his feet (ankles and big toes) flaired up, they do often. We feel either Gout or Diabetes… your take??

  14. Sarah is terrific! I always follow her channel. I would really like for you, Dr. Chaffee, to interview Dr. Jack Kruse. Thanks for this video.

  15. Hi Dr. Chaffee.
    I recently discovered the carnivore diet and i have been transitioning towards it.
    Your videos on the human digestion system really got me convinced we are carnivores.
    but when i tried to explain it to my mom that we are carnivores, she asked me that why we dont have carnivore teeth?
    I didnt have an answer for that so maybe you can awnser that question for us?.

  16. Dr. Chaffee, Did you see Dave Feldman’s recent video from low carb conferences? It is titled, “Dave Feldman presentation: ApoB, Cholesterol and Lean Mass Hyper Responder Research Update” from Low Carb Denver 2023

  17. Dr. John McDougall wrote an informative article, "Human Genes are Turned On and Off by Diet" explaining how food choices turn genes on and off. And he cites many references providing links in his articles.

  18. Honestly, Dr. Anthony Chaffee, your pitchwoman is droning on ad nauseam. More opinion and your typical reference "I read this article years ago…bla bla, bla…" That's what I like about Dr. Anthony Chaffee – lots of words, very little science. Let's all put our blinders on and eat just animal flesh. I haven't eaten "high quality animal protein" in forty years. What's the downside?

  19. Do we really need to be tracking nutrients on the molecular level to eat healthily? I think not. I eat simply, No animal flesh & fluid, and no processed carbs & bottled oils. I eat nature's food as it comes from the soil. That would be whole food, as derived from plants.

  20. This has to be your finest moment, Dr. Anthony Chaffee! "Brilliant," you say? I must have missed that part. Maybe you can include this brilliant woman on your debate team. I'll guarantee a well-grounded debate floor. If it's not we'll fit her with a copper ankle bracelet and connect her to a grounding rod driven into the ground outside the building using a copper wire gauge of her choice.

  21. Thank you very much Anthony! You are truly amazing, what you are doing for humanity! Can you please tell me what you mean with only meat /beef and water when putting on weight or in a stall? I was skinny when I started Carnivore, put on muscle and bone density I am sure since, but also extra weight on my waist, hips and chest which I do not like. I would like to try beef and water only. Do you mean also no eggs and butter? I always have been constipated and just starting to do better now by more fat from butter. I am defenately going to get rid of my here and there Yoghurt. But I would still like my decaf coffee black very thinned out. Could it be that I eat too much meat or butter? I am quite short, 5.2 ft. Thank you very much! I love watching all your interviews and beeing very appreciated! Best, Tatiana

  22. Someone your age should not have "health conditions" needing "reversed." The SAD causes those health conditions in our youths. By SAD I mean animal flesh & fluid, along with processed carbs & bottled oils. Going "on" an all-meat diet means going "off" processed carbs, bottled oils, and animal fluid. So, give credit to your "reversal" to removing many many calories of unhealthy food. The same benefits would have been yours by including the animal flesh in your elimination diet. YouTube influencers are not a reliable source of nutritional information. Using YouTube requires that you, an uninformed consumer choose who sounds the most convincing. That's not science, that's high-pressure salesmanship! Here are a few of many whole food, plant-based medical doctors here in the USA. Each has practiced medicine on average, for over forty years. Each has cured diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, crone's disease, obesity, and a long list of other ailments caused by eating animal flesh & dairy. Dr. Anthony Chaffee confuses laymen (including you) by criticizing "carbs" and making a silly correlation between the consumption of "carbs" and the increase in diseases. Have you heard the adage, "Figures never lie, but liars often figure?" Here's an article by John McDougall, MD., "Human Genes are Turned On and Off by Diet." And here's a YouTube video of Dr. Michael Klaper lecturing on eating lot of meat. "Low Carb Paleo Ketogenic : "The Diet of Death" | Dr. Michael Klaper." I'm not interested in swapping claims with you. If you truly care about your baby's health listen to these two doctors and weigh their views against Dr. Anthony Chaffee. In addition to his bizarre nutritional advice, he constantly sniffs while doing videos. What do you suppose causes all that sniffing? BTW, this post will likely be deleted so if you have any interest in a balanced view of this topic I highly suggest you copy & paste what I have written here – or kiss it goodbye. If you read the article and watch the Klaper YouTube video I'd be interested in your reflective view. But please, don't tell me how well you are doing eating chinks of fatty meat. Nutriton is a lifelong endeavor. You are just beginning your journey.

  23. Dr. Chaffee, you're the first person I have heard mention that kale used to be predominantly a garnish. I have worked professionally with food since 1984, and I commonly tell people that we use to buy cases of kale, but it was only for the garnish on the side of the plate. And we always saw it come back to the kitchen when the wait staff brought back the empty plates. Literally NO ONE ever ate it, and after trying it once it became popular, I know why it was left for the dishwasher to throw down the garbage disposal. That is right where it belongs 😊

    Great interview, I learned a lot with this one! Keep up the good work.

  24. This is such a good interview. I am so extremely impressed, because finally after all these decades, the truth is coming out. Sad it has to take so long.
    Ive been experimenting on my self for months, and carnivore diet is the miracle cure for so much of western diet.
    Actually makes me angry that we have been so lied to for years.
    Ty for your sharing of this knowledge.. Never stop pushing this message. Carnivore diet changed my life, even though here and there in experimenting, i fell off the wagon.

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