Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Journal Club – “Parkinson’s disease neurons exhibit alterations…” – Presented by Anahit Campbell

Anahit presents Chen et. al. 2023 “Parkinson’s disease neurons exhibit alterations in mitochondrial quality control proteins” published in npj Parkinson’s Disease on 08 August 2023. The work from Amy Reeves’ team that utilized imaging mass cytometry (IMC) to investigate the role of mitochondrial dysfunction, proteostasis, and quality control in dopaminergic neurons from Parkinson’s patients.

Link to full article:,PD%20and%20disease%20control%20tissue.

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00:00-03:20 Introduction and Background
03:21-05:27 Study Design
05:28-07:34 Results – Deficiency of MQC Proteins in PD DA Neurons
07:35-10:13 Results – Observations Attributed to PD
10:14-12:13 Results – Correlation of MQC Protein in PD
12:14-13:23 Results – IMC Detection of mtDNA-encoded OxPhos
13:24-15:18 Results – Determination of MQC Elements Responsive of OxPhos Deficiency
15:19-16:29 Results – Phosphorylated Ubiquitin Aggregation and Increased Mitochondrial Protease with α-Synuclein Pathology
16:30-18:15 Results – Changes in MQC Proteins in PD Neurons with α-Synuclein Aggregation
18:16-20:27 Summary and Conclusion


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