Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Sugar | The Covert Accomplice of Inflammation, Even in Adolescence

Sugar is sweet but sinister because the damage is often hidden, occurring at a cellular level—making it the covert accomplice of inflammation. Too much sugar can harm brain development in adolescence, leaving behind effects that last a lifetime, as our guest Dr. Boz, will explain. In addition to being known for inducing low-grade chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases, it can even result in neuroinflammation. High insulin is causing more problems in our youth and it’s time to stop minimizing sugar consumption.


Dr. Annette Bosworth has been on the Keto Kamp Podcast before and each time, we explore a new dimension of health. While we’ve spoken about sugar and the cost of a high-insulin lifestyle, we never talked about how much this is now seen in kids, and how what they consume in youth can transpire into their teen years and adulthood. We’ll draw comparisons between the effect of alcohol on the brain in adolescence and the effects of sugar on development, and address the best way to influence your children to eat less of it.


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High Glucose Encourages DISEASE

Why Cancer Loves Sugar

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Who needs Dr. Oz when you’ve got Dr. Boz? 🙃

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00:00:00 Is sugar that bad?
00:06:45 Is type 2 diabetes reversible?
00:07:13 What influences a child’s diet?
00:11:03 How do I teach my child to eat less sugar?
00:12:02 Does sugar cause neuroinflammation?
00:13:05 Is drinking at 18 bad for your brain?
00:17:23 What was type 2 diabetes formerly called?
00:18:24 How to Tame Your Kid’s Sweet Tooth
00:20:12 Does the hippocampus change during adolescence?
00:21:00 How do I talk to my child about stress?
00:22:22 Can a ketogenic diet reduce ADHD symptoms?
00:27:19 What happens if kids eat too much sugar?
00:31:57 Why do you think keto isn’t widely accepted?
00:38:41 Do clients often ask you: “What am I doing wrong?”
00:41:22 Step 1: Manipulate the Food
00:48:34 Step 2: Exercise + Sauna
00:50:33 How do you build up mitochondria fast?
00:54:04 How long should we spend in zone 2 heart rate training?
01:01:41 Dr. Boz’s 6 Rules to Break a Cycle
01:05:19 Positive Peer Pressure + The Importance of Community
01:07:26 Why are sardines so healthy?
01:09:57 Do smaller fish have more or less mercury?
01:10:11 The #1 Best Food to Eat for Calcium, Says Science
01:11:16 What determines palatability?
01:14:24 Sardine Cuisine
01:19:28 How can I make omega-3 absorb better?
01:20:48 The Benefits of The Sardine Challenge
01:24:16 A Dose of Vitamin G!



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24 thoughts on “Sugar | The Covert Accomplice of Inflammation, Even in Adolescence
  1. This was such a great discussion. I’m in my sixties and it was so informative and I’ve been struggling my entire adult life! I needed to hear I have to do the hard work for a long time. I will be doing the 72 hour sardine challenge! I will be kinder to myself and probably getting a sauna. Thank you both so much.

  2. So much respect for you and Dr. Boz! I'm going to do the 72 hour sardine challenge 36 hours before, then 36 hours after my 3rd chemo treatment – I did the first 2 water/coffee only 72 hour fast which staves off nausea. Excited to see if ketones will help with the extreme fatigue that comes with the treatments. Bless you both! 🥰

  3. Excellent discussion. I just can’t do the sardines though. Couldn’t get past how they looked in the can. When I ate them as a kid they were so much smaller than what I bought recently to try. I definitely will be looking at adding a sauna to my regimen.

  4. 62 year olds with arthritis? I have two friends in their 50s that have had arthritis for years and they’re both obese to morbidly 😊obese and have been for many years. They are on a myriad of medication‘s. I’m 65 on blood thinner only. My weight is Considered overweight. I’m a size 12 and my cholesterol numbers are great. I have a bad hip and that is it. I have reduced the inflammation in my body so much. And they just keep getting worse and worse and adding more and more medication as the years go by. I have tried to help them go keto whether it’s with vegetables or full on carnivore with no luck. I just can’t get them off the junk. My breaking point wasn’t a physical ailment it was weight and a little bit of joint inflammation that was creeping in to my body. That was unacceptable to me.

  5. Not doing the sardines. I do not care for fish. The only fish I really care for is whitefish like cod halibut. All these people are doing the sergeants, but there’s just no way I cannot.

  6. Can't discuss sugar without mentioning grains, seed oils. The trio is everywhere & all 3 keep allopathic pharma & political organizations rich.

  7. Excellent interview. We need to be taking more about the damaging products kids are being fed. Parents look at restricting these processed foods as punishment when. Changing this framework in parents is so difficult! We need more interviews around the actual harm parents are doing ti their kids when they feed them a diet that consists mostly of insulin raising “food”. Keep up the great work in sharing your knowledge Ben and Dr Boz💪

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