Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Taurine: The Secret to Living Longer and Healthier?

Could an amino acid be the key to reversing the aging process? Recent scientific investigations into taurine suggest its potential role in delaying aging. Join us as we journey through these exciting findings.

Reference: Singh et al. Science 2023

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18 thoughts on “Taurine: The Secret to Living Longer and Healthier?
  1. Wow impressive ! This is why I stopped being vegan.Just last year we weren't even aware how essentianl all those nutrients are and science is still evolving.There is SO much we don't know.

  2. For CKD, I would be concerned about the considerable possible acid load. Taurine is 26% sulfur, methionine 22%, and cysteine 26%. Eggs, meat, tuna, and casein protein are about 3% Met and 2% Cys. Excess Met and Cys get metabolically converted to taurine. So 3 gm of taurine is potentially equivalent to the Met + Cys in a whopping 60 gm of animal protein. I try very hard to keep my animal protein intake below 16 gm/day.
    Dr. H and MC, keep up the great work.

  3. I am 86. I have been supplementing with taurine for at least two decades, at about 850 mg/day. I just recently passed 80,000 miles of cycling in retirement on my road bike. I am wondering if this level of taurine supplementation could be having a positive effect on my aging (??)

  4. Thank you very much for including slides in your presentation. That greatly enhances both viewing and note-taking. I hope you will continue to do that in future videos. And the slides need not originate in studies; you can make your own. They really enhance understanding!

  5. I really appreciate your videos. Thank you!!
    Being mostly plant based, you definitely got my attention here. If you happen to have any favorite supplement brands, please ket us know (maybe in another video?) 😊

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