Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Why younger generation are falling for supplements? Could it be starting point of health disaster?

Our understanding of Nutrition is taking leap & bounds when it comes to restoring our health.

More so since the post COVID era.

However this comes with lot of pitfalls & arbitrage which lot of so called healthcare service providers have leveraged by upselling standard & OTC supplements in the name of PERSONALISED SUPPLEMENTS

There are numerous flaws in these so called personalised supplements
-These supplements are not personalised but categorised- there is nootropic category, weight loss category, insulin category, performance category & more
-These supplements are driven by symptoms & are just focussed on suppressing symptoms. There are a number of biological pathways that are activated before & during symptoms occur.
-These companies are not equipped to decode these pathways which can trigger dysregulation in biological functions
-Probiotics, which most of these companies recommended, has a journey to travel with a lot of hiccups & in 80% of the cases these probiotics do not confer benefits. Besides, there is no scientifically designed mechanism to determine which specific strain is required & in what quantity. These are just standardised OTC probiotics in the name of personalised
-The most prevalent supplement, NMN, sold in the name of longevity & energy poses a lot of questions. NMN works in isolation & does not consider multiple biological pathways NMN has Niacin & for folks having high uric acid production, niacin can backfire. The longevity & overcome fatigue involve multiple pathways.Someone may require COQ10 for mitochondrial biogenesis while others may require B Vitamin, NMN, L-carnitine, Polyphenols, Quercetin, Nicotine or Ursolic acid. It all depends upon unique biology & what pathways are being activated
-Supplements are offered in standard quantities which can overload kidney & liver & ever preloaded with certain heavy metals which can further trigger pro-inflammatory activities

Falling for such supplements without understanding mechanics, scientific evidence, which specific pathways it targets & how it activates certain gene expression is just a waste of time & money & can amplify inflammation.

Today’s talk demystifies this & talks about science behind precision nutrition & understanding biology at molecular level.


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