Friday, September 29, 2023
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Episode #172: Wizard Sciences: Biohacking for Peak Performance with C60

What if your body could perform at superhuman levels using the power of science? The exploration of carbon 60’s potential as a biohack for peak human performance presents an exciting frontier in health and wellness. This episode dives into the astounding world of Carbon 60 – a unique carbon allotrope that has the potential to push human performance to unprecedented heights.

Today I’m with Ian Mitchell, founder of Wizard Sciences, who created a world-class health and wellness research and development company. Our conversation dives into the remarkable properties of Carbon 60, investigating its role in reducing oxidative stress, increasing ATP production, detoxifying the body, inhibiting lipid peroxidation, and preventing rancidity. We delve into C60’s exciting emergence as a supplement, accompanied by Mitchell’s groundbreaking innovations like Wizard Water, a hyper-oxygenated drink that has the potential in improving oxygenation and decreasing muscle fatigue. We also discuss the profound science behind waveform dynamics and quantum charging cells, as well as protocols to ensure carbon 60 is used beneficially and not as a detriment.

As a research scientist and pharmaceutical consultant, Ian is Chief Science Officer at Redbud Brands and at HigherDOSE. He is Chief Science Advisor at Leela Quantum and is Scientific Advisor at Satori Neuro. Ian is also Polymath in Residence at Ecliptic Capital.

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What we discuss:

(0:07:10) – Effects of C60

(0:17:05) – Overcoming Injury With Resilience and Gratitude

(0:22:14) – Carbon 60 and Healing Potential

(0:28:24) – Quantum Waveform Dynamics and Allergic Reactions

(0:35:39) – Carbon 60 and Its Effects Discussion

(0:40:24) – Carbon 60 and Performance Enhancement

(0:49:56) – Benefits of Olympic and Neural RX

(1:02:32) – Exploring Brain-Boosting Formulas

(1:06:32) – Exploring Science, Improving Human Performance


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