Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Naturally Boost NITRIC OXIDE to Lower Blood Pressure & END INFLAMMATION | Dr. Nathan Bryan

Dr. Nathan Bryan is a nitric oxide scientist, entrepreneur and author. He’s published a number of highly cited papers.

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48 thoughts on “Naturally Boost NITRIC OXIDE to Lower Blood Pressure & END INFLAMMATION | Dr. Nathan Bryan
  1. Thanks for watching this episode with Dr. Nathan Bryan! If you're finding it valuable, please vote by hitting the LIKE button on the video. This lets me know what type of guests to book for upcoming shows. Thanks! -Jesse 💙

  2. Does that mean it’s better to eat before brushing your teeth in the morning? And do food containing the preservative sodium nitrite/nitrate provide the same nitrate that you get from green leafy vegetables?

  3. Would greatly appreciate a summary of the products he finds effective. Interesting but a total waste without relevant guidance what supplements work.

  4. If it would keep you young too suffer longer,, what good is that? Yeah ya get too get and hold your erection like ya use too,, but thats a 15 minute pleasure,,, the rest ain't worth breathing.

  5. Besides the incredibly high price of N101, some of the ingredients are somewhat disagreeable. Contains mannitol, dextrin, maltodextrin and some of the fillers that many of us try to keep away from in supplements. Whilst I do believe that nitric oxide is important and maybe the supplement has good effect, I can't help but feel there is a bit of smoke and mirrors going on.

  6. the nutrients in organic would be lower if the farmer don't add fertilizer to the soil OR crop rotate to keep soil from depleting. your best bet is to try and find Bio-dynamical farms and products

  7. If you use chlorhexidine mouthwash you will hurt nitric oxide. Those studies were just about chlorhexidine, a specific and very strong antibacterial, not other mouthwashes like listerine etc. For God's sake, mouthwash is a very general term and you did not specify what the ingredients were! Really irresponsible.

  8. So either the government's of all nations know or are completely ignorant that The Very Fact that FDA,WHO,and all medical departments allow mouthwash to be sold and used by all age humans on our store selves, tells us they're totally aware already that people's Nitrous oxide function's will halt to a Stop and cause 1000% of people to be sick and keep the Big Pharma witchcraft business going

  9. Yes but if I'm growing everything Organic then I'm also making sure it's rich in minerals nutrient rich especially in the sea kelp Keltic minerals then I'm all good aye 😅

  10. I’m way more confused now after listening to Dr Bryan. 😰…Is Sally Norton incorrect to write about toxic superfoods (Spinach,beets etc
    ). Is a supplement like a dried wheat grass or other dried vegetable supplements beneficial? ? (I totally understand not using mouthwash or floride). One thing for sure Dr Bryan is very fortunate to have a ranch to grow his food.

  11. Are we forgetting here that spinach has high concentration of OXALATES.. we dont want that! I eat no vegetables at all and I'm living proof that you dont die, Btw,, Im 71 and walk miles a day, No meds.

  12. When I see some people how and what they eat and also look at their lifestyle and still they are alive and kicking I do Wonder if there is a 3rd pathway of genarating NO 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. "All risk and no benefit" regarding mouthwash is way overstated. And I'll take organic produce every day and twice on Sunday over non organic. Listening to this, nitric oxide trumps all others – just can't subscribe to that kind of isolated thinking. It's not the most important factor in health in my opinion. A factor but not the most important.

  14. Listen…anyone at this time…who watches health issues…knows everything that PhD's know now…
    Keys to life are:
    Having ONE special partner…lowers oxidative stress due to not being lonely,
    Secondly: eating for one's genetics; but no one shld eat processed foods -period; whether or not we're carnivores, or herbivores by choice,
    Thirdly,…various forms of exercise for sustaining muscles.. etc.
    Also…and most importantly 😮,.. choosing God's Son Jesus…to save us when we die.
    YOU going to Heaven or Hell?
    Choosing carefully.
    Arginine…won't save you from Hell 😅. Enough stated.

  15. Alright…let me ask a semi-specific question.
    Im eating some…not many veggies; to be more objective: a 'handfull" of green salad type veggies/ mix of greens ( if u will),
    Eat alot of meats,.. not "grass fed"…only make 75k yearly…not affordable,
    Don't use ANY mouth wash at all…eat eggs, one piece of gluten free tiady qd also…so…
    How do I make even better choices?

  16. When my doctor fired me about 5 or 6 years ago, I was extremely angry at her and could not believe that one who purports to everyone that they are a “HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL” could be so crass, and immoral as to deliberately refuse to CARE IN A PROPER MANNER someone who goes to them for their expertise (so-called) and help (so-called) in caring for their health and well-being. Now, I am very glad she did that. I now see that as probably one of the best things she could have done for my physical health, i.e. to force me to quit depending on others for my health and literally force me to take matters of my own health into my own hands.

    When my physical health began to improve, my emotional and mental health also began to improve and depression and anxiety and strong mood swings are no longer a part of my regular, normal, everyday experience. In fact, they are non-existent. I feel so much better now, I want to make sure to do whatever is needed to continue on this path more and more. And because my physical and soul health is much better it is easier to focus on making my spiritual health better as well. I have even started to grow back the 3 degenerated disks MRI’s said I had in 2015. As a young adult, I was 5’11” tall. Somewhere along the way, I lost height to become 5’61/16” on November, 2015. I am now 5’7”. So it sure looks like something is working!

    Yes, it was a huge learning curve, but now I am literally growing younger at 71 years old. I can feel it. My body now feels like it is supposed to feel. I have energy, no more brain fog, pain is 99% eliminated, bowels function much more efficiently and properly, skin is tight and much improved with hardly any wrinkles anymore, cuts and cat scratches heal almost overnight, no more headaches, GERD or depression. Some other things are more slowly coming around, but I can definitely tell that they are getting much, much better (mood swings, ADHD, OCD). I still have constant and loud tinnitus, hearing loss, vision loss, and silver hair.

    My health only got worse, and worse, and worse under doctor’s “CARE”. If that’s the kind of “care” I get from doctors and “EXPERTS”, then I don’t want it anymore. The vast majority of them are just shills for Big Pharma and Big Food which both morphed out of Big Chemical when the Rockefeller’s and Carnegie’s did their thing in 1910, which ended up funding all the big research institutes and medical schools to bend them to their chemical method of suppressing symptoms instead of curing the root causes of disease.

    Remember, they used to brag and produce commercial after commercial touting the wonderful benefits of “better living through chemistry (a variant of a DuPont advertising slogan adopted in 1935).” That better chemistry gave us PFAS forever chemicals, estrogen mimickers and other plasticizers, atrazine, glyphosate, other organophosphates and organochlorines (pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, drying agents, etc.), chemical fertilizers that kill the microbes in the soil, thus making it dead and sterile and unfit to grow healthy plants and thus making the need for ever increasing amounts of chemical fertilizers to keep being added to forcefully cause the plants to grow in an unnatural and unhealthy manner. I used to be a trained certified Pest Control Operator using these chemicals every day. I have also worked in DuPont, Hercules Chemical, Corn Products International Inc. (now, Ingredion Inc.), 3M, PP&G, P&G and more. I worked on the machines that actually made these chemicals. The wonderful world of chemicals that is literally killing us, killing animals, killing plants, killing microbes, destroying the ground, destroying the water, and destroying the air. Does it get any better than that?

  17. The goal is to become fat adapted to begin to burn ketones instead of sugar in order to become insulin sensitive instead of being insulin resistant.. All carbs and starches, and grains are sugars – they are polysaccharides – many sugars. So that piece of bread is really a big piece of sugar that actually has a higher glycemic index greater than equal weight of pure table sugar. Table sugar (sucrose) is a disaccharide of 2 sugars – glucose and fructose. Glucose by itself is a simple monosaccharide of one sugar. Cellulose that all plants are made from is the 3D structure of carbohydrates. Fructose is especially damaging to the body as it is massively added to practically every processed food, because the equipment to process the food is specifically designed to utilize fructose because it helps maintain the proper flow control for the food to be processed in the first place. So they can make it more cheaply with less loss and increase their profit margin. Therefore it is used everywhere, even and maybe especially, in its hidden forms and under different names so you cannot recognize it. It can only be metabolized by the liver, which is very difficult on the liver as well as most other critical areas of the body, and causes many problems, especially if consumed on an ongoing basis and in virtually every processed food in the grocery store.

    When you look at it like this it becomes more clear. For the past 150 years or so, food production has become the mainstay of large agribusiness (Big Food), but more pronounced since WW2, and most especially since the 1970’s. The way food is grown with all manner of chemicals and poor farming techniques, deliberately engineering (not even considering GMO’s but only the manipulation of the crops by natural means to produce bigger, and sweeter and more pleasing end products), modern day foods, especially the carbs, grains, and starches, and the chemicals made from them, have become, in essence, synthetic, pharmaceutical, man-made drugs that have little to no nutritional biological benefits for the human body, but have HUGE addictive qualities that actually make you more hungry, and is toxic to your mitochondria, enzymes, and hormones, and give you extreme cravings to eat more which makes you more hungry which makes you eat more which makes you more hungry which makes you eat more which makes you more hungry which makes you……….. I used to eat until I was totally stuffed, but wanted to eat more because my head said I was still hungry, even though my stomach was full to the brim. That is actually really the truth. And in some way, maybe in a large way, it seems to correlate quite well with Revelation 9:21 – Berean Standard Bible
    Furthermore, they did not repent of their murder, sorcery, sexual immorality, and theft. (Strong's Concordance: sorcery, φαρμάκων (pharmakōn) Noun – Genitive Neuter Plural Strong's 5333: A magician, sorcerer. The same as pharmakeus. 5333. pharmakos pharmakos: a poisoner, sorcerer, magician

    Original Word: φάρμακος, οῦ, ὁ
    Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
    Transliteration: pharmakos
    Phonetic Spelling: (far-mak-os')
    Definition: a poisoner, sorcerer, magician
    Usage: a magician, sorcerer.

    Cognate: 5333 phármakos – properly, a sorcerer; used of people using drugs and "religious incantations" to drug people into living by their illusions.

    To put it simply and succinctly: modern carbs are addictive drugs. And to get off of them is directly and exactly like a drug addict on crack or heroin or meth trying to be free from the addiction. I know from experience as well as the research that verifies this. I used to be addicted to crack. Coming off carbs is definitely harder. One reason is because they are perceived (falsely) to be foods. But it can be done if you substitute them with the proper fats and proteins which will eliminate the cravings. I don’t get hungry anymore. Unless I screw up and eat some sugary “treat” the day before. It has to be done right, though, in order for it to be successful and not have the cravings.

    Also, the modern Health Care System where Doctors are held as practical “saviors” for the body has become a very real RELIGION. Everybody goes around saying you need to consult with “your” doctor (the religious assumption that everyone has or should have one) even if you want to change your diet to heal, cure and prevent the very metabolic problems that the toxic pharmaceuticals that they give you are either causing directly or massively but indirectly causing.

    There is NO biological necessary essential NEED for carbohydrates to be ingested by humans. Any small amount of glucose needed by the body can be manufactured by the body from essential fatty acids (fats) and essential amino acids (protein). Again, there is NO NEED to eat or ingest carbohydrates by humans as part of their diet. But they are pushed because they are, in fact, drugs, pushed by the Big Food Cartel Drug Pushers and Big Pharma Cartel Drug Pushers that push drugs that make the problem you’re trying to fix, WORSE in the long run because they disrupt natural enzymes, hormones and systems that your body was trying to use to fix the problem.

  18. Is it OK to put one or two molecular hydrogen tablets in 16 oz water along with methylene blue at a rate of 40 drops of 1% for my weight of 140 lbs? I also use DMSO over top of Povidone Iodine (Betadine) several times a week, which heals almost by the next day, any cuts or scratches or bruises from construction work or the cats . I also use liquid chlorophyll daily, as well as a whole ground up lemon minus the seeds. Does methylene blue compete with NO? And if you take beet root powder and other NO protagonists such as arginine, will that nullify or reduce the effects of the methylene blue? I also take colloidal silver on a fairly regular basis. What kind of reaction do these chemicals have on each other.

    I am now off of all my prescribed (15 to 17) meds, when my Doctor fired me for trying to reduce my pharmaceutical load that they had me on a few years ago. My health has since improved about 1000% since I was fired by my Doctor and they refused to "treat" me by my "Health Professionals". I had diabetes, high blood pressure, GERD, 3 degenerated disks, ADHD, OCD, major depression, anxiety, arthritis, probably NAFLD though not obese (then about 165 – 170 lbs. and then height of 5’ 6” down from 5’11” in early adulthood, but have since have regained a little over 1 inch back again, and now about 140 lbs and lost about 7 inches in my belly, after about 3 years on keto), and more. I am now 71. If you or anyone else can provide me with good information on the interaction of these chemicals, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much for your kind response to this request.

    Spencer Douglas James

    djames314 (is at) (g)mail (at dot) com

    spence3141 (YouTube)

    For about 1.5 to 2 years now, I have increasingly been practicing a healthy keto lifestyle with intermittent fasting in about a 5 to 6 hour window of eating. In addition I water only fast for about 42 to 44 hours each week. Occasionally, I go on a 3 to 5 day water fast. The longest fast I have ever done is 21 days when I was about 35 or so.

    I eat 3 organic pasture raised eggs (local when I can) and an organic avocado and a whole ground up organic lemon (minus the seeds) with added organic ginger or turmeric daily, grow my own sprouts, homemade pickled/fermented garlic, organic grass fed and finished beef, some pork, no chicken, electrolytes, bone broth, pro- pre- and post-biotics, organic EVOO and coconut oils and apple cider vinegar (6 tablespoons daily each), and organic salads (no spinach). I make my own homemade mayonnaise and other sauces. When I need a sweetener I use Monkfruit, Stevia, erythritol or allulose.

    I don’t eat anymore packaged processed and ultra processed foods, junk foods, fast foods, restaurant foods or omega 6 oils (vegetable oils, which most restaurants, bakeries, etc. exclusively use with rare exceptions). I weigh around 140 lbs, about the same as when I was a competition swimmer as a teenager and later as a young adult until about 35 or 40 when I started eating a high carb and starchy diet and started gaining weight up to a max of about 175 to 180. I used to make homemade keifer, but stopped when I wanted to stop drinking milk. I also take a whole bunch of good quality supplements. I try to stay away from foods high in glutens, oxalates, lectins, carbs, omega 6’s, chemicals, and and I try to concentrate on real whole organic living foods (local as much as possible) that help increase and strengthen mitochondria and gut microbiome, nitric oxide, and reduce inflammation.

  19. I've used his product (NEO40) and recommended it to a few friends. Our blood pressure returned to normal! It also, as we've heard in the interview and his other interviews, reduces plaguing, improves Type 2 diabetes, and stops dementia. My friends have dropped their BP meds! I had to half the dose or my BP was a little low. I even stopped using Neo40 for a few months and my BP remained normal … I now use half a tab daily now.

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