Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Nervous System – The Basics

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27 thoughts on “Nervous System – The Basics
  1. M Lakota having probs with my tongue going numb😮im so scared…i don't know what to do
    When i was dad is irish and my mom full blood Lakota dad didn't belie a I was his and threw me into a wall when i was 2 weeks old. I hurt my neck and since I've always had probs with my neck😞😞

  2. I seem to have an autononic problem. Losing protein in water, refused extra blood pressure, saved from going under with mega dose B1 magnesium and potassium. Now cannot walk far yet stamina good. What now? 😮 x

  3. Dr. My daughter who is 19 years old was recently diagnosed with depression and right away on meds but she mentioned to me that her neck hurts sometimes. What specialist should I look to help her? Many thanks and blessings. Your'e the best ❤

  4. Yeah thank you so much for your video I do believe that the nerves in your neck and the middle of your back and lower back and it kind of damage through accident I had many years ago and Seen a chiropractor for years but I’ve had other problems with gluten adrenals thyroids but I am not on any medication and I am trying to eat right but I did have a stroke in June and I have been taking Serrapeptase Natt now Lumb they are all acquainted to get rid of blood clots and clean the blood out which I believe is helping me a lot but I do want to see a neurologist my chiropractor told me he thinks I should I do believe it has something to do with the nervous system maybe that is causing my brain attacks I have every month once a month it’s crazy I can’t explain it all thank you for this program you’re a wonderful I’ve learned so much from you subscribe to you many years ago thank you Dr. Bergman God bless you🥰🙏😁🌅💕🦋

  5. I had a health problem caused by stress. It went away, and with talk of returning tyranny, it's come back. I do exercise, get adjustments, try to eat well, and sleep is okay, not great (mostly because of the anticipation of what's coming). Is there more I can do?

  6. question!
    chiro is great but what do you recommend for people to do to keep alignment? Have you heard of somatic therapy where we re-learn how to move?
    My personal story:
    chiro helped me a lot to regain feeling and control in my arm/shoulder, but the arm would keep going back- needing adjustments. Chiro said it was my muscles, great massages and muscle knot releases, but it still returned.
    It wasn't until I started practicing movement based somatic experiencing (Taro Iwamoto on youtube is the best!) that I was able to stop having the pain. Lee Holden qi gong also helped me in connecting movements with the idea of chi force, which to me seems like the idea of having things work constructively instead of fight each other.

  7. Question: How to get out of fight/flight or freeze state? Also, what to do about joint laxity and instability? Is it genetic or there is something I can do about it. Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Hi Dr Bergman, my daughter has very sluggish bowel movements . Does it perhaps have something to do with the vagus nerve? Is it possible to stimulate nerves in the gut through some natural methods to 'wake up' so to speak? Thanks.

  9. Great video! Dr. B, I'm on Anxiety Medication, my nervous system has been shot from past emotional traumas, the Benzodiazapine is causing short-term memory loss….can corrective chiropractic help me get off the benzos and help my flight or fight response, I do have a neck injury and I'm also in Counseling for the emotional issues

  10. I’ve followed you for Years Dr Bergman you talk such common sense and have helped me so much. Your knowledge led me to TopChiro with my sudden onset of permanent AFib last Sept. Medication didn’t control it and I felt so ill and energy less.. My first adjustment was such a surprise as the results were almost immediate. I’m 10 weeks into the programme and I feel I have my life back. I am slowly cutting my meds down with a view to stopping them altogether. Family and friends find it hard to accept the change and have suggested the medication has kicked in at last!!
    Sadly quite by chance a tumour was found in my Pelvis area while I was on the cardiac ward last September and it was being monitored as I felt too ill for difficult surgery. It’s an unknown tumour and surgeon wants to operate. Sadly I just learnt It has grown another centimetre since April. I’d love to find another route through this. Do any of the Nerves you talk about have an impact on tumours? Thank you for your help.

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