Friday, September 22, 2023
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What causes Fibromyalgia? (Central Sensitization)

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One thought on “What causes Fibromyalgia? (Central Sensitization)
  1. Thanks for existing and sharing your knowledge again!
    From my personal experience (as a young male), the worst part about living with this invisible disease is that the mental health is drastically impacted and suicide idealization can become a recurrent thought since living with constant pain is literally the definition of hell kinda. All we can do is learn our physical and mental limits and reduce the amount of pain experienced (Including medications if they work at all for you)
    I hope one day we will be able to uncover more about it. What is surprising to me is that the big pharma should be interested to make more medications to generate incomes if as you stated, multiple million people in the US alone are affected. The more we share and expend awareness, the more we can hope better treatment will be released in the future as research continues
    Wish you a nice day Dr Mark DC!
    And thanks again for everything you share with us!

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