Saturday, September 30, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How Mitochondria Hold the Secret to Ageless Eyes and Lifelong Energy with Dr. Rajka

Join me in today’s Clear Vision Wednesday episode as we unpack the connection between vision, energy and mitochondria. We are super excited to introduce our guest speaker, leading Functional Medicine MD, and international speaker Dr. Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, who will be joining us to shed light on this important aspect of naturally clear vision.

The spotlight will be on our microscopic powerhouses – mitochondria. Dr. Rajka shares why these incredible structures are crucial not only for your energy levels but also for maintaining the clarity of your vision. Imagine them as the superheroes working behind the scenes to keep you vibrant and focused.

Ever wondered why fatigue creeps in and vision seems to blur as the years go by? Dr. Rajka will share the science behind this, explaining how the aging process affects our mitochondria and, consequently, our vitality and eyesight.

Certain genes play a pivotal role in maintaining your vision and mitochondrial health. We will look at which genes are at the heart of this connection and how understanding them can guide us toward better energy and clearer vision.

This episode will help deepen your understanding of your body, its energy, and its intricate relationship with vision.

More About Dr. Rajka:

Dr Rajka is a leading Functional Medicine MD, an international speaker, a mentor to practitioners, and an expert in longevity, antiaging and nutrigenetics. She has helped thousands of high performing executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities recover their energy, and performance so they can have the biggest impact in their lives. She is known as the “Go To Doctor” for other doctors. She sees patients 1:1 in the clinic she founded: Simply Health Institute outside of Chicago, runs group programs and coaches high level professionals.

Connect with Dr. Rajka:


Book link: Energized: Feel Fantastic Forever.

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5 thoughts on “How Mitochondria Hold the Secret to Ageless Eyes and Lifelong Energy with Dr. Rajka
  1. She sounds so genuine and caring 🙂 what a wonderful human being! sometimes the barrier for a lot of us is financial, because insurance does not cover functional medicine doctors. I wish I could have an appointment with her, I have a genetic disorder that causes blindness and it is in my retina. So I know mitochondrial function and liver health can absolutely affect the improvement of it.… Maybe someday I can speak with this wonderful doctor. 🙂

  2. After covid I was shocked at the state of people I met who I knew. I had an autoimmune disease many years ago which I have healed through keeping up alkali (green beens and vegetables) after having gone on a strict no-sugar protocol for three months. I've heard we are now down 50% in our magnesium, so one spray of organic magnesium is vital for my energy.

    I have two Portuguese friends, who even in their mid-sixties, still have all their natural hair colour.

    I've heard that melatonin is not good to take long term.

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