Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Hydration vs. Irrigation: Minerals, Glyphosate & Detoxification with Caroline Alan

In this episode, Dr. Stephanie has a conversation with Caroline Alan, co-founder and CEO of Beam Minerals, about the importance of minerals for overall wellness. They delve into topics such as soil depletion, genetically modified organisms, and glyphosate, and explore how minerals can improve digestion, cognitive health, detoxification, and skin health.

Caroline came from a career in the corporate world and found herself struggling physically, mentally, and energetically. As a woman juggling career, motherhood, and the multitude of expectations placed on a professional woman, she was repeatedly told that her issues were “just normal.” She refused to accept that answer.

Links mentioned in the episode:
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Episode Overview:
0:00:41 – Introduction to Caroline Alan and BEAM Minerals
0:03:49 – Understanding the Importance of Minerals
0:10:06 – Mitochondria: The Powerhouses of Your Cells
0:20:15 – Overhydration and the Lack of Minerals in Bottled Water
0:24:54 – Glyphosate: A Probable Carcinogen and Systemic Disruptor
0:28:12 – Glyphosate’s Effects on Brain Function and Heavy Metal Absorption
0:34:48 – Introduction to humic-based plant minerals and detoxification
0:45:47 – The Power of Humic: Binding to Glyphosate and Detoxification
0:50:19 – Timeline for Feeling Changes from Detoxifying Heavy Metals
0:53:37 – Understanding Bioavailability and Mineral Absorption
0:59:59 – Transdermal Absorption: Skipping Digestion for Quick Assimilation
1:04:28 – Pre-game and Gym Application for Optimal Performance and Recovery
1:08:09 – Introducing Electrolyze and MicroBoost – The Advanced Set
1:12:00 – MicroBoost: The Key to Detoxification and Rejuvenation

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2 thoughts on “Hydration vs. Irrigation: Minerals, Glyphosate & Detoxification with Caroline Alan
  1. When I ate keto, I lost 30# very quickly. Within a few weeks.
    I suddenly started to feel like I was having a mental breakdown. Almost like I was having a hard time holding onto my sanity. I got very depressed.
    I found some information about fat loss and the release of toxins into the system affecting the brain and mental capabilities. The toxins and metals have no place to go and so they circulate through the system. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.
    My family and I have been taking Beam minerals for a month now. I’m happy to say I’m dropping weight again and no side effects, except amazing amount of endurance and better sleep! (Not keto. paleo and intermittent fasting)

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