Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Is Your Body Too Acidic? A Deep Dive into the Vital Factors for Maintaining an Alkaline pH

Many people understand the value of eating an alkaline diet. In fact, there are many variations on an alkaline diet from which to choose. This video discusses the importance of an alkaline diet to promote longevity, but also teaches us that there are other things to consider besides just the alkaline diet.
This is because we could eat a nice organic diet but if it doesn’t digest correctly, it can turn into acids. If the liver is hot and hyper-reactive, it can turn all the good food you eat into acids. If the gall bladder doesn’t release the bile to alkalinize the digestive juices, you could become acid as the acid digestive juices absorb into the blood and eventually become urine and sweat, all acidic when the bile remains in the gall bladder.

If you are under emotional stress the liver converts your food into acids immediately and if you go to bed past 10:00 PM the bodily fluids also turn acid

So yes, follow a good alkaline diet, but learn how to mitigate the effects of these influences on the acid/alkaline balance in the body. Diet alone isn’t always enough.


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