Friday, September 22, 2023
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Midlife Metabolic Shifts in Women | Dr. Sara Gottfried

Most women experience a shift in metabolism as they approach middle age. Renowned hormone and metabolic health expert Dr. Sara Gottfried explains that one of the reasons this happens is due to a decrease in estrogen – a key hormone that regulates metabolism in the female body. She says insulin resistance can often follow this decline, resulting in an increase in body fat and decrease in muscle mass with aging. However, Dr. Gottfried also explains there are many ways to track and counteract this process.

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2 thoughts on “Midlife Metabolic Shifts in Women | Dr. Sara Gottfried
  1. Excellent, can't wait to watch the full interview. I'm 60 and live in SC. I normally get a lot of exercise in the way of pickleball and yard work. When the high heat and humidity hit, I slacked off, hibernating for much of the day. It is amazing how fast the muscle and fat can shift!

  2. midlife or earlier can be a good time to shift to richard johnson's switch diet regime, as discussed in his recent "nature wants us to be fat" book

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