Friday, September 22, 2023
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New nuclear weapons will stop Putin’s ‘tyrannical rule’ | Hamish de Bretton Gordon

“This is a message to Putin that we are watching it very closely.”

The West are using new nuclear weapons to “make sure Putin’s tyrannical rule does not stretch further across Europe” says Former British Army Colonel Hamish de Bretton Gordon.

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40 thoughts on “New nuclear weapons will stop Putin’s ‘tyrannical rule’ | Hamish de Bretton Gordon
  1. @KremlinRussia_E Russian nukes readied:

    Kneel down and pray with me Vladimir, does Hiroshima and Nagasaki show Humanity it is free of God.

    Humanity is not liked,

    eBook series 'Religiion Separates Man Grom God.'

  2. I think it’s a good move too. We need putin to know if he uses nukes then he’s gonna get them back two fold!!! So yes I’m all for the USA deploying nukes in the uk 🇬🇧

  3. Obama refused to even sell Ukraine weapons to defend itself in the 2014 invasion and he strong armed the rest of NATO as well to put a de facto arms embargo on Ukraine that is one reason Putin invaded again, he thought he could get away with it, he did not invade under Trump because Trump immediately lifted the ban on weapons sales to Ukraine, your extreme political bias blinds you to the facts.

  4. Nuclear weapons are an unfortunate necessity. Look what happened to Ukraine after giving theirs up. And any peace agreements with Russia will be broken with impunity when it suits them. All they respect /understand is strength and power.Which is why we must always have it in reserve.

  5. Putin sent army to Ukraine after 8 years of the brutal Ukrainian regime slaughtering its opponents, Russian ethnicity folks so shut up and don't lie about "evil Putin dictator", and don't support coups in democratic countries and brutal repressions of their regimes as on Ukraine since 2014.

  6. Why don't russia just drop a dozen moabs instead the biggest non nuclear bomb why not just send a dozen planes with a big bomb out the back if putin is desperate just build a the biggest non nuclear bomb

  7. The usual self-serving establishment line, taking pains to dovetail the present situation with the Cold War, to ignore a significant space between, soon after 1991, when the 'Neo-Cons' in the U.S. sought to deconstruct the Russian economy brutally (see Naomi Klein in The Shock Doctrine, with reference to The Wolfowitz Doctrine) and partly successfully, then began to expand NATO quickly under Clinton for a self-serving narrative that would justify NATO's continuation and even expansion way beyond its original remit (see Peter Hitchens, a Conservative not a CND Leftist on this); and then Zbigniew Brzezisnki's book The Grand Chessboard, pub 1997, in which he posits a hoped for deconstruction of the Russian Federation itself – the end of the USSR not being enough for such people. None of this in the official narratives. Certainly Putin is a tyrant, but the setting up of him as a target is familiar and chimes uncomfortably with similar plans for Saddam or Gaddafi in Iraq, Libya, which the British public saw through and were ignored. The economic reasons for all this, as usual, is ignored in official guidelines.

  8. Here we go again. The sceptic western media view is so tilted. The USA instigated this war for their own goals then try to tell us Russia is the enemy. The trigger happy USA and west are talking it up.

  9. We very know well who will start a nuclear war soon. The dictator of kremlin. If NK try to get involved by supply of weapons of mass destruction, its gonna be the end of the world sooner.

  10. Isn’t this the same clown who said the challenger tank was vastly superior to any Russian tank and would sweep away any opponents ? Yeah that aged well didn’t it ! Who can believe your nonsense if you absolutely blundered that comment up !!! Embarrassing

  11. Hamish de Bretton ABSOLUTELY DELUSIONAL! This ABSURD Western SABRE-RATTLING is reckless and dangerous!
    Those U S. & European sanctions on Russia; backfired horribly,
    on the WOKE, BROKE & DEEPLY IN-DEBT U.S./Europe, both on the brink of economic & financial DISASTER! Europe is already in recession & the de-dollarization campaign continues around the world with countries, FLEEING U.S. Hegemony & the Dollar!
    In 2008, Putin spoke at The Munich Security Conference and stated that Russia would not except NATO's expansionist goals or U.S./NATO presence on their borders! Remember, Former, Secretary of State, Jim Baker's famous quote: “not one inch eastward".. was an assurance from the U.S. to Russia about
    "NATO Expansionism," in his meeting with then Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev on February 9, 1990..which was part of a cascade of assurances about Soviet security, that were given by Western leaders, to Gorbachev and other Soviet officials throughout the process of German unification in 1990 into 1991!
    But NATO/U.S. violated and ignored those agreements over the years, to the dismay of Putin, who raised stern objections over their blatant disregard and the failure of the West to comply with the prior commitments! Ukraine became the West's platform to further their own Hegemonic, expanionist goals! The U.S./NATO would not consider any serious diplomatic solution and negotiate any peace initiative, much less, consider neutrality in this dispute! A war in this region of the world is far more dangerous than anything we could imagine in the last 75 years! The logistical reality is that The U.S. is in no position to fight anyone who can fight back.. A hot war with Russia is not Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan! Add in the Nuclear dimension and the danger increases exponentially.. its insanity! But this insane U.S. & their NATO lap dogs, decided to prop up Ukraine, support & fund, Arm and prolong this proxy-war with Russia, that has decimated Ukraine and has burned through a generation of men! The ultimate goal of the West is to depose Putin and break up Russia..which is a SUICIDE MISSION ..that has escalated this conflict in real time and has led us to the brink of WWIII!
    The U.S. & Europe refused to use diplomacy & negotiate an end to hostilities and now we're one miscalculation from Global Thermonuclear War, but not just with Russia..but with 3 "Nuclear Powered States," that the U.S. administration has been provoking, SIMULTANEOUSLY! These foolish, U.S./NATO leaders in our Western Sphere.. are Rattling a Sabre they cannot back up!
    We have a "TRIFECTA" of Nuclear States, incl: Russia, China & North Korea, all heavily armed w/Nuclear Warheads, pointed directly at the U.S. and we simply don't have an adequate security apparatus in place that can shoot down advanced, incoming "Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles!" We cannot intercept Russia's Hypersonic Ballistic Missiles with the U.S. Patriot System!! Targeted European/U.S. cities could be annihilated.. There are those who are so depraved as to believe that Russia's military would simply be "easy prey"..?? AS IF.. U.S./NATO forces wouldn't risk any counter-offensive or be "IMPERVIOUS," to a retaliatory response from Russia.?..which inevitably, would lead to a Global Thermonuclear War, with an adversary that has 6,000 STRATEGIC NUCLEAR MISSILES.. INCLUDING: The SARMAT ll, HYPERSONIC BALLISTIC MISSLES! If Russia shot off multiple Warheads of theIr Satan ll Missiles, that carry 50 different warheads & up to 50 megatons, within that system; & multiple decoy units..with their orbital trajectory & aerodynamics, would be impossible to shoot down while traveling at 17,000 mph! WAKE- UP..
    ANY ACT OF AGGRESSION.. by one or more of those 3 countries.. could lead to the annihilation of European nations & targeted U.S. cities! ☢ We currently have inept government official's and a WOKE Military that hosts "DRAG SHOWS," on military bases like Langley, Nellis & Ramstein Air Force Bases and I don't expect them to enter into serious diplomatic relations, given the fact that The Biden administration recently purchased $290 Million Dollars of ANTI-RADIATION DRUGS! I would advise all to pray, as this escalation to "madness" continues! But this time..

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