Monday, September 25, 2023
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New Light NEET brings you yet another biology session to prepare you for NEET. In this session, Dr. S.P. Singh Sir, Dr. Manish Sir & Dr. Alish Sir will be discussing NEET’s important topic “Complete Biology Concept for NEET 2024”, he will cover the basic concepts of the chapter and some special tricks to remember the concepts and solve questions. Watch this video to know all about “Complete Biology Concept for NEET 2023”.

New Light NEET is a free YouTube channel to help NEET aspirants in their preparation for NEET. The channel will guide you in making a strategy to decode the NEET question paper, revise every detail of all the subjects, and make a study plan that will help you prepare with confidence. Our New Light mentors are committed to giving the best guidance for NEET 2023 preparations by analyzing the crucial needs of the students who want to crack the entrance exam and get through NEET.

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Dr. S.P. Singh Sir, Dr. Alish Sir and Dr. Shailendra Sir are great mentors and Biology lovers. In this NEET Biology Live Online Class, All Teachers will touch upon the introduction, important questions, analysis, and strategy for “Complete Biology Revision for NEET 2024”. He is a passionate teacher and has helped many students crack NEET. During the LIVE online classes, he keeps sharing his personal experiences with students preparing for NEET 2024 to relate with them. This also helps the students get acquainted with the NEET exam and make a study plan and strategy that will help them crack NEET 2023.

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