Friday, September 29, 2023
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Managing Family Life and a Research Career – Reunion

In this special episode of the Dementia Researcher Podcast, delivered as part of our managing family life and research week, we bring you a reunion that promises insightful reflections and inspiring progress. Join host Professor Heather Mortiboys as they sit down with four exceptional researchers who graced our show five years ago.

Back then, they shared their perspectives on the intricate dance between a demanding research career and the joys and challenges of family life. Now, five years later, we’ve invited them back to revisit those conversations and explore how their journeys have evolved.

Listen in as they openly discuss the strategies they’ve employed, the hurdles they’ve overcome, and the changes they’ve embraced. Gain fresh insights into how they’ve managed to thrive in both their academic pursuits and family responsibilities.

This week’s guests are:

Dr Gemma Lace, is Associate Dean Academic (Student Experience) & Lead of the Molecular Biology Dementia Group at the University of Salford.

Dr Jo Barnes, is Associate Professor / Faculty Grade Tutor (Research) at University College London. Working on addressing the relationship of imaging markers of presumed cerebrovascular disease and more classical markers of dementia.

Professor Tammaryn Lashley, is Professor of Neuroscience and Director of Research in the Queen Square Brain Bank at University College London.

Dr Angelique Mavrodaris, is a Clinical Research Fellow & Consultant in Public Health Medicine exploring Ageing, dementia, and infectious diseases from a global public health perspective.

Full biographies on all our guests and a transcript can be found on our website

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:12:21 Highlights from the original show
00:17:47 What’s happened since the last show 5 years ago
00:25:27 Managing work, family and selfcare and a pandemic
00:35:31 Embrace the wobble
00:38:03 Tips and strategies for success
00:43:01 Addressing equality and the leaky pipeline
00:51:57 What could be done to help working academic mothers
01:04:09 Hopes for the future in research
01:12:49 Takeaways for Managing Family Life and a research career
01:18:28 Roundup and Goodbyes


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