Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Metabolic Health, August Webinar from Master Supplements/U.S.Enzymes

The term “metabolism” is used in many associated contexts when it comes to health and weight loss. While there is some truth to the fact that those who struggle with weight management have some form of metabolic issue, we have to ask WHY metabolism slows down and WHAT factors are at play as to why the body chooses to slow down metabolism.

Your metabolism is technically the sum of ALL the biochemical reactions in your body and is drastically more complicated than weight loss or weight gain. It IS however all tied to energy because to have a healthy metabolism is to have a really strong ability to produce energy in the cells. This process of energy production can fundamentally represent the overall health of the cell and is dependent on mitochondrial function. In a healthy person, this energy is as a process of calories + oxygen (aerobically), and we make sufficient quantities so that all cellular processes in every cell, of every organ can do their job to contribute to the metabolism functioning optimally as a whole.

So, we could say that healthy metabolism is connected to healthy mitochondria and systemic mitochondrial function is really what helps generate the energy for the metabolism to operate in a healthy way. Now we are getting into a greater understanding of how things work, we can ask the question; where do things go wrong for people who develop “metabolic problems”? Join us for this webinar to dive in!


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