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Natural Movement, Breathwork & Holistic Well-being with Fitness Legend Erwan Le Corre

“If your biology isn’t taken care of, you can’t live optimally. You cannot have the highest quality of life possible.” – Erwan Le Corre

In his decades long exploration of natural physical movement, Erwan Le Corre, the founder of MovNat, has pioneered trends in physical conditioning and taught people all over the world how to move outdoors naturally, reclaim their vitality and become strong and vibrant. In this episode, Meredith Oke and Erwan dive into Erwan’s wilderness wisdom and discuss the transformative power of natural outdoor movement.

Think back to our childhood movements – crawling, rolling, climbing, and hanging. Our bodies inherently knew how to navigate the world. Erwan and Meredith address these foundational natural movements, often overshadowed in modern fitness routines, emphasizing their importance not just for physical freedom but for holistic health. They also explore the physical and spiritual aspects of breath-hold work, practices Erwan believes can fortify our bodies and minds, fostering resilience, calm, and well-being.

Erwan’s approach isn’t just about movement and breathwork; it’s a whole-life philosophy of physical, mental, and spiritual connectedness and intention. He calls us outdoors, advocating for a connection with nature, the magic of fresh air, and the therapeutic benefits of natural light. He advocates for deep reflection over quick solutions and encourages a commitment to self-awareness so that self-care can follow. As we declutter our lives of junk and distractions and realign with what is truly fulfilling to us, energy, vitality, and overall life satisfaction become more available.


“When you talk about the natural movement of animals, they’re obviously outside all the time. And humans evolved doing these movements outside. So we are limiting ourselves in this, both in the scope of our movement and in the inputs that we’re getting by doing those limited movements inside in an artificial environment without all the inputs of nature.” (11:22 | Meredith Oke)
“But if your biology isn’t taken care of, you can’t live optimally. You cannot have the highest quality of life possible. And so what is biology is to understand energies, frequencies, movement, influences, everything that can affect how you feel, how your energy system is expressed, or is nourished, or is nurtured. These are not just some pretty words. It’s very important. Sleep, sun, earth, movement, food, relationship to others, mental life, emotional life, spiritual life, all of that all together. Everything needs to be taken care of and to connect and to be aligned.” (12:22 | Erwan Le Corre)
“Find what’s deeply satisfying. And typically what’s deeply satisfying is really healthy. That it is a connection with nature. A connection with loved ones. A connection with the spirit that is everywhere within us, around us, above us. That is God. Realize the profoundness of life. And don’t settle for less.” (28:52 | Erwan Le Corre)
“You’re not supposed to be indoors all day. You’re not supposed to be sitting all day. You’re not supposed to feed yourself with junk all day. You’re not supposed to put that junk in your body. You’re not supposed to put that junk in your mind. You’re not supposed to deal with that junk. There’s junk everywhere. It’s toxic. Just clean that up.” (32:58 | Erwan Le Corre)


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