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Mitochondrial Health

Methylene Blue: Biohacker’s Delight, or Playing With Fire

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This is a 51-page guide in which you will learn the following:

00:00:00 The Origin of Methylene Blue

00:08:54 The Entry of Methylene Blue Into Medicine

00:13:59 From Malaria to Many Uses in Medicine

00:26:20 How Methylene Blue Works

A Redox-Reactive Dye

The Blue Bottle Experiment

Methylene Blue Radicals, Photoexcited States, and Demethylated Metabolites

Methylene Blue Can Oxidize and Reduce Many Targets

Methylene Blue Can Rewire the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain

Rewiring the Respiratory Chain Does Not Make It Better

Methylene Blue Increases Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide Kills Microbes, Has Hormetic Benefits, But Is Still Ultimately Toxic

Methylene Blue Causes Redox Cycling of Hemoglobin

Methylene Blue Is a Strong Monoamine Oxidase A Inhibitor

Methylene Blue Inhibits Nitric Oxide Synthase

Mechanistic Conclusions

02:09:14 Is Methylene Blue Fundamentally Hormetic?

02:15:06 Methylene Blue Fails in Alzheimer’s, and Causes a Worrisome Side Effect

02:23:57 Whether Methylene Blue Helps Or Hurts Depends on Whether You Need It

02:30:16 Natural Alternatives for Hormesis and Rewiring the Respiratory Chain

02:33:27 Who Should Use Methylene Blue?

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42 thoughts on “Methylene Blue: Biohacker’s Delight, or Playing With Fire
  1. Closed Captions, please. Because you're a Professional. Or some sound editing. Or a better mic. The poor sound quality detracts from the educational effectiveness of your presentation. 🙂

  2. Have you communicated with Dr. Francisco Gonzalez-Lima? He seems to have done a lot of research and the last time I heard him summarize it, his take was, in general, a positive one for M. Blue.

  3. Whats your thoughts on john lieurance? Only asking as he's down for balsting people with this and very high melatonin levels. I've not read his book yet (dont want to buy it truthfully as i feel he's a cherry picker like morely robins) so just wondering if my guts right or if I'm being to judgy!

  4. I have been taking MB 40mg per day for 4 months after listening to Dr.Francisco Gonzalez-Lima. Gradual improvements over that time have been, improved sleep quality and much improved cognitive function in the area of maintaining my attention on a task. I am 69 and work full time and my occupation requires my full and complete attention for extended periods. Prior to using MB, I was considering retirement but now I am back to working well with full attention.

  5. Awesome Breakdown!! Other than Genetic Defects, and exogenous compounds like Rotenone and Metformin, what diet, environment/lifestyle factors (that you know of) INHIBIT or BLOCK Mitochondrial Complex I??
    Mitochondrial Complex II?

    For example, would it make more sense to take MB during a fasted state vs fed state (besides the impact of ADP buildup) to facilitate mitochondrial function? High fat diet? High iron diet? Etc. Any insights there??

  6. So more or less DO NOT take C0Q10 while taking methylene blue??? and, should you supplement with Iron when taking Methylene Blue? I’m asking because after taking 20 mg’s of Methylene blue for like 30 days my ferritin levels were VERY low.

  7. I am fighting candida and it is helping a lot.

    The sharing of electrons of the double bonds causes the conformational change which makes the molecule reflect all light. It reflects blue light otherwise.

  8. I started using methylene blue after being on keto and carnivore diets for years and it gave me great energy better then any other supplements I ever took. When I started adding carbs to my diet I didn’t experience feel much benefits or energy like I did when I first started when on keto.

  9. I'm a woman and MB has been almost a miracle for helping me with various chronic issues, ME/CFS, POTS, and others, but it has shifted my hormone production very quickly and now I am T dominant and my scalp hair is falling out. My Estrogen and Progesterone are way below reference range. I'm trying herbal remedies for this but wondering if something else can be done?

  10. I started looking into methylene blue sometime ago.

    I was nervous to take it, and I ended up contacting Dr Gonzalez, who was very helpful.

    I have been taking it daily for months and months and see no particular downsides.

    It’s certainly has increased energy. And it seems to have helped a healing tooth abscess which was rather nastily infected.

    My mother suffers with cognitive impairment, and I’ve been microdosing her and it seems to be having quite a remarkable effect.

    Of course, these are just personal anecdotes. In my mother’s case, she doesn’t even know what I’m giving her so it can’t be Placebo.

  11. Just wondering if MB could possibly make the liver's texture look different on an ultrasound??? My liver was homogeneous echotexure without any other pathology noted… the radiologist wasn't concerned… at same time he had no explanation as to why liver enzymes elevated… it's not NAFLD… I think it's secondary to the vax I got, b/c before the jab I had normal enzymes … thx

  12. Pathetic and I'll informed on the taurx Alzheimer's trials. The trials proved a very low dose 16mg was more than twice as effective AZ any approved drug. He doesn't mention this summers results ox taurx latest study also positive at low dosage levels in humans. He omits that all studies with cognitive impaired have high drop out rates as continued decline and change in guardianships cause more churn.

    Finally his clickbaity side effect turns out to be falls. He deceptively compares the arms against each other but fails to compare against the fall rate of generic 74 year olds. 7 percent seems reasonable to me and definitely to get the best possible reduction in the rate of cognitive decline.

    For further study, who falls more bed bound vegetables or the elderly mobile pursuing their passions

  13. I did a weekly series of MB IV’s. After the first one I broke a fever and felt energized. After the second and third, my head was itchy. I had horrible brain fog and I felt heavy, like depression. My doc didn’t have any answers. A month later, I did a cleanse that’s I’ve done before, and my energy plummeted like never before. My pain came back with a vengeance. My brain fog was high and energy was low. My doc gave me some T3 which helped with energy and pain. But my brain fog did not improve. To your point, too much can be toxic! It did feel like I had been poisoned.

  14. Your position regarding the use of an unnatural compound is correct. that's why I use MB. in my case, I use MB 45 mg divided per day (15 and 3×10) in replacement of 10 mg of Adderall. this is the first time that I have found a replacement despite all my trials. Do you think overall I am reducing or worsening my addiction to unnatural compounds?

  15. 28:17
    Thanks for explaining the history behind the terms “oxidation” and “reduction.” No chemistry text book (or teacher) ever bothered to explain why gaining an electron is considered to be a reduction.

  16. I screwed around with MB for a while because I have history of concussion and chronic insomnia. One of the interesting things I saw in regular bloodwork is, even in small dosing, it would consistently knock down my elevated creatinine and BUN.

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