Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Fitness Strategies That Are Creating World-Class Champions – Interview With Sam Calavitta

All credits goes to Dr. Mercola

In the video above, I interview Sam Calavitta, aka Coach Cal, founder of The Treigning Lab. We met through a biohacking conference in the fall of 2022. One of the organizers of the event introduced me to Miesha Tate, a professional and former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion) and mixed martial artist who in turn introduced me to Coach Cal.

Sam Calavitta, aka Coach Cal, founder of The Treigning Lab, has put together much of the health science I’ve been teaching over the years into a unique training program that is getting extraordinary results.

The most central strategies are those that optimize ATP production (energy production) and mitochondrial function.

ATP (the energy currency of your cells) can be produced in three ways: aerobically in the mitochondria, anaerobically in the cytosol, or through phosphocreatine. Of these, the phosphocreatine pathway is the most effective in terms of boosting athletic performance, as it allows your body to use D-ribose, adenosine and phosphate to form ATP within your body at a higher level. Near-infrared light also boosts ATP production.

Mitochondrial function must also be optimized, or energy production cannot be elevated. Effective strategies include near-infrared sauna therapy and intermittent fasting.

Other strategies that help optimize fitness and athletic performance include sun exposure, boosting NAD+ with low-dose niacinamide, a cyclical ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating, addressing elevated iron levels, methylene blue and molecular hydrogen.


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