Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

3 WAYS To Save Our Mitochondria & TOP 3 Natural SIRT3 Activators | Dr Sandra Kaufmann Interview Clip

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann talks about the important role of SIRT3, a sirtuin which promote longevity and mitochondrial Health. Also her top 3 SIRT3 activators in this short clip.

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9 thoughts on “3 WAYS To Save Our Mitochondria & TOP 3 Natural SIRT3 Activators | Dr Sandra Kaufmann Interview Clip
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  2. The video explains how SIRT3, a protein that promotes longevity and mitochondrial health, can be activated. SIRT3 removes acetyl groups from proteins, thereby turning on at least 84 mitochondrial proteins, which improves mitochondrial function. Low SIRT3 levels lead to losing over 10% of the process. Energy-demanding organs like the brain, heart, and muscles suffer as we age. Therefore, activating SIRT3 is significantly vital since it declines after age 30 and is very low by 60.

    There are three natural SIRT3 activators that you should know about:

    1) Resveratrol, found in grapes
    2) Dihydromyricetin in Hovenia fruit helps liver health and hangovers!
    3) Melatonin, which has evolved with mitochondria over thousands of years to activate SIRT3

    SIRT3 requires NAD+, so NAD+ precursors are also essential. Other mitochondria helpers include activating NRF2 antioxidants and blocking the mitochondrial transition pore. Astaxanthin is a favourite antioxidant as it's the best free radical scavenger.

    In conclusion, SIRT3 is critical to longevity and can be activated naturally using specific compounds. Supporting NAD+, antioxidants, and mitochondrial function can also help improve health.

  3. This is all very interesting but . . .

    NONE OF THESE CHEMICALS can account for the health and longevity of the thousands (probably millions, actually) of centenarians around the world who have lived WITHOUT taking a single one of them during their long lifetimes. Neither economic prosperity nor the artificial products of organic chemistry can substitute for good genes and/or a "healthy" diet and lifestyle . . . at least not yet.

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