Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Nitric Oxide Is the Holy Grail of Anti-aging Medicine & Longevity

In today’s episode of the Keto Kamp Podcast, Dr. Nathan Bryan will be telling us all about how nitric oxide is the root of it all. He’ll go into the how and why nitric oxide is the holy grail of anti-aging medicine and longevity; that is, so long as you’re able to produce enough of it. Dr. Bryan will go on to explain that, “Everything we’ve learned over the past 30 years about the onset and progression of chronic disease all relate to the loss of nitric oxide production. It’s the earliest event in the onset and progression of disease.”

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Dr. Nathan Bryan is a pioneer in the world of nitric oxide research, as well as nitric oxide-based product technologies, with a collection of patents and companies to his name. He’s a biochemist, physiologist, researcher, inventor, company founder, published author and a former assistant professor.

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“Functional Nitric Oxide Nutrition: Dietary Strategies to Prevent and Treat Chronic Disease”



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00:00:00 Dr. Nathan Bryan Intro
00:01:45 What does nitric oxide do in the body?
00:03:14 What happens if your body doesn’t produce nitric oxide?
00:03:48 How does nitric oxide affect diabetes?
00:06:00 What is GLUT4 translocation in type 2 diabetes?
00:06:47 Can type 2 diabetes be permanently reversed?
00:07:12 What causes nitric oxide deficiency?
00:07:47 Does mouthwash deplete nitric oxide?
00:07:59 Do proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and antacids affect nitric oxide?
00:08:21 Do PPIs increase stroke risk?
00:08:32 Are PPIs linked to Alzheimer’s?
00:08:50 Does fluoride affect nitric oxide?
00:11:53 What is the best exercise to increase nitric oxide?
00:17:21 Why shouldn’t we take statins?
00:25:21 Why is membrane potential important to cell health?
00:30:59 How many Americans take proton pump inhibitors?
00:32:15 What countries allow pharmaceutical companies to run DTC ads?
00:32:45 What percentage of TV ads are from big pharma?
00:34:55 Does Viagra and Cialis raise nitric oxide?
00:39:21 How do you restore nitric oxide levels?
00:41:31 How can I test my nitric oxide levels?
00:44:21 Nitric Oxide Supplementation
00:59:52 Did nitric oxide win a Nobel Prize?
01:02:36 Can nitric oxide make you look younger?



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22 thoughts on “Nitric Oxide Is the Holy Grail of Anti-aging Medicine & Longevity
  1. Ok so just ordered his book. It's funny how this just popped up, my hormone doctor just put me on this product. I hope it helps. Ben I've been using aCGM for almost 2 weeks. I didn't realize how often your glucose changes. But stress seems to spike it. Is that normal? Otherwise it's not bad.

  2. I see several videos that claim that nasal breathing and humming greatly increase NO production. I'd like to find out if any of that is true, or just pseudo-science.

  3. "….the truth hurts!" BAM🎯 I trust Dr. Nathan Bryan💯 Just ordered his book and the N.O. packets, which are on backorder due to demand. Not surprised, but worth the wait I'm sure!! Fantastic interview🙌Thanks Ben❣️

  4. Oh my goodness!’👏👏👏 just when i thought id got my head around insulin resistance, fat cells boom nitric oxide has been added to the mix!! Great podcast Ben thank you both for your time and free education 👏

  5. I'm wondering about Dr Nathan's products suitability for illnesses that feature small fiber neuropathy….POTS, dysautonomia, advanced Sjogren's syndrome and others.
    Very interesting discussion…and demonstration! New subscriber here.

  6. This is why I get out in the sun a lot. Sun exposure on the skin, with NO toxic sunscreen=nitric oxide production. I learned about this from a well known neurosurgeon.

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