Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How EMFs Impact Your Health and Everyday Life with Nicolas Pineault

EMFs are rapidly taking over our lives!

Electromagnetic Fields are emitted not just by our wi-fi connections and 5G, but they may be found even in our smart refrigerators, sleep trackers that run on bluetooth, and even artificial light. These affect our health negatively, and even contribute to making mold in our households grow.

This interview is hosted by Dr. Lara Varden, PhD. She is an in-house clinician of The DNA Company, and a scientist whose specialty is cellular biology, molecular genetics, biochemistry, and neuroscience. She is a board-certified holistic health practitioner, a licensed Ecclesiastical holistic health practitioner, certified functional genomics practitioner, and certified functional nutritional and lifestyle counselor. She is also the co-Founder and CEO of Sacred Genomics, and is an adjunct professor in Clarkson University.

Dr. Lara is joined by Nicolas Pineault, or more known as Nick, “The EMF Guy”. Nick is the #1 bestselling author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs and an advocate for safe technologies. Through his unconventional approach blending humor, science and common sense, he’s becoming a leading voice on the topic of electromagnetic pollution and how it affects our health.

Dr. Lara and Nick discuss how EMFs may simply be known as the junk food of frequencies. More often than not though, it is posed to be seen as a positive contribution to society without exposing the risks and hazards that it is capable of doing. What is mostly shared is the convenience that it contributes in everyday life such as work, and the ease of access to the latest trends.

On the other side of things, EMFs are capable of great risks towards our cells in which the closer that you are exposing yourself to these fields, the more that is absorbed in your body. With studies ranging from years where 2G and 3G where prevalent showing how unsafe these frequencies are, we can only imagine how much more unsafe our current state is with 5G and everything going wireless. Though these are things that may be unavoidable, we can take measures into lessening our exposure by making use of wires and utilizing features such as airplane mode or simply turning them off when it is time for sleep.

Throughout the episode, the following highlights were also discussed by Dr. Lara and Nick:

Effects of EMFs and how they manifest themselves in everyday life such as difficulty sleeping, decrease in libido, fatigue, headaches, etc.
Proper use of EMF-reducing inventions
The cellular effects of EMF
Multiple devices, and other multiple sources of EMFs
Measuring EMF exposure
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