Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Is Your Weak Mitochondria Causing You To Be Tired?

Is Your Weak Mitochondria Causing You To Be Tired?

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00:23 – What is Mitochondria for?
02:31 – Dont over-Carb
03:11 – Supplements for the mitochondria
05:34 – Carnitine
06:34 – Thyroid and Hormonal Issues
08:06 – Krebs Cycle and Producing Energy

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Explore the intricate relationship between the mitochondria, often dubbed the ‘powerhouses’ of the cell and fatigue. This video delves into the science behind cellular energy production and how disruptions can lead to feelings of exhaustion. Discover the role mitochondria play in various conditions linked with chronic fatigue. Unravel the mysteries of cellular biology and learn how it affects our daily energy levels. Watch now to understand the profound connection between the tiniest parts of our cells and the fatigue we sometimes feel.


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6 thoughts on “Is Your Weak Mitochondria Causing You To Be Tired?
  1. I've been battling stomach issues and fatigue the last 2 years. After watching this video Im reminded that my stomach issues and fatigue started after I stopped eating beef. I've also noticed on several occasions I felt good after "letting go" and eating beef. Could I be protein deficient? 🤔

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