Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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What we are getting wrong about sun exposure and blue light – part 1

Sirish Pulusani and Zaid K. Dahhaj discuss sun and light exposure in detail. Light has a significant impact on health, and there is a lot of confusion around how to derive benefits from the sun while reducing risk of skin aging and cancer. What are the benefits? what should you be avoiding? What about sun screen use? How important are blue light blocking glasses? All your questions will be answered. This is part 1 of a series on light exposure, grounding, and water.

Zaid is a men’s health coach who has 8+ years of experience studying health from a holistic perspective. He has worked with 75+ clients and values obsession as a driver for his work ever since his father died of heart disease in 2015. Zaid constantly hammers on the fundamentals of well-being and values timeless principles that apply universally. You can find him on X @zaidkdahhaj.

Sirish Pulusani is the Wellness Director at Next Health, a next generation health optimization and longevity medical center with multiple locations across the country. He brings his many years of healthcare experience to overseeing advanced longevity and wellness programs and also works directly with patients to implement health plans based on their biomarker tests. He specializes in weight optimization, nutrition, metabolic health, and longevity. He has worked with over a thousand patients to bring about positive health outcomes, and his main passion is keeping people as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

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