Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How to Optimize Your Body and Mind to Become a High Performer With Dr E |E41

How to Optimize Your Body and Mind to Become a High Performer With Dr E |E41

Episode Overview:
What is Hum2n? Human potential engineering. 
Is our current health system flawed? 
Evolution of healthcare – moving from treating existing disease to working with pre disease – making sure we use preventative measures before the disease occurs. 
What is mitochondria and what role does it play in your body? 
Supplements to use to ensure optimal functioning of mitochondria. 
Covering the fundamentals first 
Quality of sleep decreases as you age – what can we do?
Stress increase, stress Management and how you can help your body deal with internal and external stress. 
How to achieve peak performance when you most need it?
Cultivating awareness as the no1 superpower. 
How to optimize your health? 
Golden rules to make sure you follow when it comes to the 4 pillars of optimized health : food, sleep, stress management, movement. 
What causes insulin spikes? How do glucose monitors work. 
Overtraining – how much exercise is too much exercise? 
What’s your purpose?
What does religion mean to you? What does it mean to be Muslim. 
Mo’s most precious life lessons. 
Weaving your own story or how every single job you’ve done in your life has contributed to your business now. 
How do you communicate value? How do you sell? 
Childhood influences that made a colossal difference in your life? 
Creation of Hum2n – how and why did you create the state of art clinic of yours? 
What is functional medicine? 
What is the next step in healthcare evolution ?
Benefits and science behind cryotherapy, red light therapy , hyperbaric oxygen therapy , blood oxygenation, parasite cleanse, vitamin,
Business model behind Hum2n. 
What does innovation mean to you? 
What’s your recipe for happiness?

About Guest: Mohammed Enayat, Dr Enayat (dubbed Dr E) is a London trained GP, a TEDx speaker, and the rockstar visionary behind HUM2N.
Having begun his career as a GP, Dr E’s extensive training has taken him from South Africa to San Diego, where his work in the stem cell industry reframed his lens on the innate potential within us to self regenerate. He established his reputation as one of the bright stars of medicine, by being awarded the Darzi Fellowship for Clinical Leadership.
Fascinated by applying the scientific advancements in aging, he has created a health system that is approaching the algorithm of aging, and adopting a data driven approach to decoding being superhuman. Layered with his expertise in preventative and functional medicine, Dr E has created the tomorrow land of health.
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