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Starving Tumor & Cancer Cells via Metabolic Therapy. With Dr. Thomas Seyfried (Live Damn Well #36)

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Cancer sucks. If you haven’t had cancer you probably know at least one person in your family who has. It’s estimated that about 2 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2020. Although the standard treatment has been chemo and radiation, new therapies, such as metabolic therapies, have emerged. Joining me today is Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D., from Boston College, to discuss his work using metabolic nutritional therapies to treat several types of cancer.

In this episode we discuss
– What is cancer and what nutrients feed cancer?
– How effective is the standard treatment of cancer using chemotherapy and radiation?
– Why is a therapeutic ketogenic diet is not enough to starve cancer cells?
– What would Dr. Seyfreid do if he were diagnosed with cancer?

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8 thoughts on “Starving Tumor & Cancer Cells via Metabolic Therapy. With Dr. Thomas Seyfried (Live Damn Well #36)
  1. You can support Prof. Seyfried's heroic research battle in multiple ways:

    – Buy his summary book:

    – Buy his scientific book:

    (Affiliate Links)

    – Become a Patreon for only 1$:

    Or: Donate to his research directly at 🙂

  2. Professor. I am so pleased to have across your broadcast at this time. Your message is clear and just logical. I have been doing keto diet for a month now and have seen remarkable changes to cancer development. I am not too confident about targeting the glutamine but using hydochloroqine in the absence of being able to access a glutamine suppression drug. Looking forwards to the next meeting with the medical oncologist,as I am sure he'll be stumped. If you want more info , I am happy to provide. Just let me know.

  3. Can you please tell me if the supplement L-Glutamine is dangerous for cancer sufferers? I have bladder cancer and have had L-Glutamine for my irritable bowel syndrome, which was very helpful, but after watching this, I am concerned about the product. My naturopath has said it is a different type of glutamine. Is that true?

    Also, I have been on a low to no sugar/carb (Keto) diet since May and have lost a fair bit of weight and have been in ketosis for most of that time.
    I had to recently have another operation to have the bulk of the tumour removed due to heavy bleeding and large blood clots threatening to block my bladder. So at the moment, all is well, but I am concerned about the future with the 'possible' regrowth of the tumour into the bladder space and more bleeding. They suggested targeted radiation to basically burn the blood vessels to prevent future bleeding. Is targeted radiation safe?

    Also, I am using Spooky2 Rife technology, with Royal Rife plasma tubes, plus Nichola Tesla's scalar technology, to try and slow or kill this cancer. I am on Iodine therapy, Selenium, MSM (sulphur), Zeolite, Magesium Chloride, Liposomal Vit C, Bi-carb and Himalayan salt to alkalise my system and I drink between 2.5 and 3.0 litres of water per day. I also fast 2 days a week separated, for 24 to 30 hours each time. I was told I should have metastases everywhere and as of June this year I have none. My diagnosis is Urachal Cancer, which means I should be dead between 12 to 24 months from contracting the cancer. I am already past 24 months and am healthier today than I have ever been in my adult life. I suffer many spinal problems and have to take pain medication for it, so that is all the chemicals I consume.

    I have had no chemo and never will. I have not had any other contact with the allopathic medical system for my cancer save the operations. One in December last year and the last one in mid August this year. I will live or die on helping myself, but mostly of all, according to the Will of God. I am not going to chop up my body or take poisonous drugs which will definitely kill me.

    Thanks for any information you can give me.

  4. I believe that you press pull procedure and then this procedure would cure cancer very fast.. I am sure you have heard of modified polio that attaches to the cancer cells and alerts the immune system to attack the polio thus the cancer… problem is it causes inflammation that can kill the patient.. BUT, if done in conjunction with ketone state press pull it could overcome that issue

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