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Storer Lectureship feat. Stachidananda Panda, Salk Institute | October 4, 2022

The Tracy and Ruth Storer Lectureship in the Life Sciences Presents “Pleiotropic Benefits of Circadian Rhythms and Time-Restricted Eating (Peer Lecture)”

About the series: The Tracy and Ruth Storer Lectureship in the Life Sciences was established in 1960, to invite distinguished biological scientists to campus to present lectures and meet with faculty members and graduate students in their field of interest. Past Storer Lectures have included Nobel laureates, members of the National Academy of Science and acclaimed authors in medicine and the life sciences.

Professor Satchin Panda has been a leader in the field of circadian biology throughout his career in science. His discovery of a blue light sensor in the retina has led to human-centric lighting in built environment to optimize sleep, mood, and brain function. He is a pioneer in studying time-restricted eating; he discovered that eating within a consistent 8-12 hours can prevent or reverse chronic diseases and increase healthy lifespan. Finally, his research contributed to circadian genomics studies in insects, rodents and primates and have offered a blueprint for understanding the molecular mechanisms by which circadian rhythms regulate behavior, physiology and metabolism.

Dr. Panda received a number of notable awards to date, including the Whitehall Foundation Junior Faculty award, the Pew Scholar Award in Biomedical Research, and the Julie Martin Mid-Career Award in Aging Research. He is affiliated with the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance, the goal of which is to discover biological principles to optimize human performance and catalyze innovations in human health by studying athletes of various ages, genders, ethnicities, abilities and disciplines. Finally, Dr. Panda is an accomplished author and has published two books, The Circadian Code and The Circadian Diabetes Code.


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