Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Transferring the Naked Mole Rat’s Lifespan Mechanism to Mice

On this Journal Club hosted by Dr. Oliver Medvedik, we look at a paper in which researchers have transfered a lifespan- and healthspan-boosting mechanism from the naked mole rat, a very long-lived rodent, to mice. The paper includes researchers such as Vera Gorbunova, Steve Horvath, and Vadim Gladyshev, and it demonstrates that longevity is something that can be emulated from one species to another.

This study raises interesting questions and possibilities. Perhaps we can learn new tricks from species like the naked mole rat that do not age the same way we do.

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6 thoughts on “Transferring the Naked Mole Rat’s Lifespan Mechanism to Mice
  1. Yes, I had the same question you did about the nature of the enzyme. It might be that it’s not particularly the enzyme itself, but rather the control of the expression of the enzyme that may be a key here. In other words in the naked mole rat it may be a regulatory DNA sequence that controls the amount of both the enzyme that synthesizes hyaluronic acid as well as the control sequences that determine the amount of hyaluronidase messenger RNA that’s produced. These differences may explain the abundance of hyaluronic acid, seen a naked mole rats.

  2. The difference in lifespan between the control group, and the experimental group seems to be minimal. You commented earlier about the increased activity of enzymes in the miles that break down HA. It seems from the immunocytochemistry figure that the experimental mise might be breaking down the HA almost as fast as it’s getting made.

  3. Gentlemen, get a nice mic with pop filter. It’s a pain to listen to these unclear sounds. If possible, also do some automatic noise reduction using Adobe Audition or some other software.

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