Thursday, September 21, 2023
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🔴Understanding The Carnivore Diet with Dr Anthony Chaffee | LIVE Q&A

In addition to answering questions, talk about the desperate plight of our good friends Maggie and Mac the ranchers in Canada. Please see the first portion of the video to see what’s happening and how you can help! Link for their Give, Send, Go campaign is below:

Maggie the Rancher, the 82-year-old life-long Carnivore from Canada, is in trouble! With soaring hay prices, Maggie is unable to afford to winter her animals and is faced with losing half of her herd in order to afford feed for the rest, or selling off even more of her land, which is a desperate option. Losing half her herd means that it will take years to rebuild, and she will suffer further hardships due to further reduced income. Things are already hard for independent ranchers, and she currently runs at a loss in any case; so she’s working from 5am to 9pm or longer for free. In fact, she’s paying for the privilege!

As she has helped inspire so many in the Carnivore community, I am starting this campaign (link below and in my bio) so that those who she has helped and inspired can lend a helping hand in this difficult time so that she can maintain her herd and her land and move to a direct-to-consumer model of beef production in the near future.

If you are able to donate any amount, $1, $5, $10 or more, it all helps and it is all greatly appreciated.

For those able to donate $1,000 CAD or more, as I am doing, you will be invited to Maggie and Mac’s ranch in Alberta Canada for a 5 day farm stay, staying in their guest cabin and sharing their Carnivore meals. You will also get to enjoy the ranch and see what goes into an independent ranch, and even get your hands dirty and join Maggie and Mac if you so choose. Elle and I did, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you all for reading this and considering a donation for Maggie, any help is greatly appreciated!


Dr Anthony Chaffee, MD

Give, Send, Go campaign link:

Are you curious about the Carnivore diet? Have questions you’ve been dying to get answered by an expert in the field? Look no further! YouTube is hosting an exclusive, LIVE Q&A with Dr. Anthony Chaffee, host of the Plant Free MD podcast, where all your questions about the Carnivore diet will be addressed on Sept 8th, 2023!

Dr. Chaffee offers his wealth of knowledge and experience as he deep-dives into the Carnivore diet. He’ll be answering YOUR questions, debunking myths, and sharing exclusive insights you won’t find anywhere else!

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38 thoughts on “🔴Understanding The Carnivore Diet with Dr Anthony Chaffee | LIVE Q&A
  1. Dr. Chaffee, thank you so much for telling me that coffee can cause leg cramps!!! I am a coffee drinker who has suffered for years from legs cramps. You are the first person who ever made the link for me. I have been on carnivore for about 4 and a half months, and I have been taking Keto chow every day because I assumed it was because I was lacking potassium and magnesium. I will now wean myself off of coffee and see if that does the trick. Thank you again!

  2. It’s horrible what’s happening to the cattle ranchers Worldwide, it’s by design, investigate the WEF, World Economic Forum, they want people to eat almost no beef and switch to fake meat and bugs! 😡


  4. Dr Chaffee, can you address uric acid from fatty meats? Or direct me to the episode if you did address it already? Thank you. I have so many food sensitivities I would like to try going mostly carnivore to see what happens. I tend to be a “lean mass hyper responder” and am not sure anymore what to do!

  5. In response to carnivore diet for menopausal women-I’m mid 60’s. Since I cut out carbs my hot flashes are gone, my knees are pain free, I sleep better, I lost weight and have more muscle now than when I played competitive sports in school, no more bladder leakage. My firefighter nephew says I’m buff!

  6. The person hwo has low stomach acid should take more salt and also betain HCL. This really helped me. Eating more meat without the acid is just miserable

  7. Doc Anthony, How' re doing? I' m a MD from Brazil. I love to work out and marial arts. I' m just about 66 y.old. I do no plants diet for about 2 months. But I eat raw meat. Only raw meat, salt and water. What u think about? Att Erasto Filho MD.

  8. Just found out from someone who works in psychiatry at a local hospital that if someone says they are a carnivore; they consider them to be mentally ill. Un-freeking-believable! 🤡🌎

  9. Ketones and blood sugar. My blood sugar spikes with a workout which I do fasted. I am currently doing OMAD 100% Carnivore sugar will spike immediately after every workout even 12+ hours later. Ketones stay low I get has high as 2 at the end of the fast before the meal. 2-3 days of fasting my Ketones go high and my GKI is sub under 1 if I do a three day fast.

  10. Remember trucker convoy in Canada Go Fund Me did the trucker convoy dirty! In order to placate the government who opposed the convoy, They were going to donate the money I think it was $5 million + donated to the convoy, to a charity. Give Send Go is the company that did not allow politicians/government to control them, and the money donated there went to the party it was intended for. The truckers convoy. USE GIVE SEND GO!!!

  11. Thank you for setting up a GiveSendGo for Maggie and her ranch. It is a privilege to support independent ranchers. I am hoping that when she moves to a Direct to Consumer model she will be able to ship to the US!

  12. Question: for next session. Carnivore month and half. Severe aortic valve stenosis waiting for surgery. Angiogram revealed heart arteries good but cholesterol high and very high red blood cells/platelets. I'm worried about blood clots. Should I reduce fat or red meat to lower red blood platelets?

  13. Changing my lifestyle, added in an organs supp from Ancestral, finding so much energy my 1-2 meals provide that they should be earlier in the day or I toss and turn at night.

  14. I SAW that movie, was it put out by G….peace?, about the cow farts contributing to global warming! Let’s not get at all political to keep this channel so refrain from saying some words. Your history of meat eating is gratefully received. Rahrah

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