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Defying All Odds – Dr. Terry Wahls – Health & Wellness – Award Winning FULL DOCUMENTARY

In 2000, Dr. Terry Wahls, a now world-renowned American doctor and scientist is diagnosed with an incurable disease. Seven years later, despite taking the pharmaceutical drugs normally prescribed to sufferers of her condition, Terry’s health continues to decline. The mother of two decides conventional medicine is not stopping the decline into a demented and bedridden life and begins her search for an alternative approach. This is the story of her decline, astonishing recovery and how she ultimately succeeded in her attempt at defying all odds.

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2021 Impact Docs Awards; Winner; Award of Merit Special Mention; Documentary Feature
2020 Culver City Film Festival; Winner; Best Director – Feature Documentary
2020 Iowa Independent Film Festival; Winner; Critic’s Choice Awards
2020 WRPN Woman’s International Film Festival; Winner; Outstanding Excellence – Documentary

Directed By: Caroleen Moise
Starring: Chiara Gizzi, Dr. Terry Wahls, Jacquie Reger, Capri Walsh, Myan Vandengraaff

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6 thoughts on “Defying All Odds – Dr. Terry Wahls – Health & Wellness – Award Winning FULL DOCUMENTARY
  1. I so approve of this general approach.
    I also have secondary MS and the timescale and progression appears to have been very similar to Terry Wahls'.
    I do not have a scientific background but followed a very similar road of discovery through trial and error (I am extremely methodical in my approach to things that can improve my well being). I came to similar (very similar) conclusions as to what helps and what does not help. SO… I applaud Terry Wahls and her protocols.
    What I am cocking my head at is the money thing. A lot of info is given for free (bravo!) but it seems that a lot is also only available at a cost. One has to live and make a living, but…?
    Anything I have learned that helps (similar things but adding PEMF and Infra red usage, etc) I tell others for free. Why would one charge? On the other hand, there is a part of me that understands the need to charge in order to continue and to pay for studies and the admin of info distribution.
    It's just…. so much of the really detailed stuff that Terry Wahls's protocols entails are only really available to the very wealthy. Seems a shame – but also partly understandable.
    I do wish Terry Wahls continued improvement and good health. I am luckily defying my neurologist's poor prognosis due to a very similar approach also. People…. try it. Even if you cannot afford to buy the books or afford to join the more in depth connections to the protocols, try it.

  2. Raw read meat. Salt and pepper. Brussel sprouts. Psilocybin, lions mane, reishi, chaga, cordyceps mushrooms, spirulina, alfalfa and wheatgrass.

    I dont just walk again, I run. Aquatherapy is the key. And rest. Lots of rest.

  3. As someone with MS, Terry has truely changed my life. Ive lost 30kg, all of my health problems are in remission, and I am able to work again. Things are only getting better, and it’s because of her. 💪🏻

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