Thursday, September 21, 2023
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The Insane Benefits of Ashwaghanda – The Ancient Testosterone Boosting Herb | Dr. Steven Gundry

Unveiling the Powerful Benefits of Ashwagandha: Your Ultimate Guide to This Trendy Supplement!
Supplements are everywhere these days, promising a wide range of benefits. But there’s one that’s truly captured the spotlight recently, and guess what? I’m taking it too! In this captivating episode, we’re diving into the remarkable world of ashwagandha.

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Prepare to be transported back through the ages as we explore the ancient medicinal herb known as ashwagandha. This evergreen shrub, hailing from Africa, India, and the Middle East, has been revered for centuries for its potent health-boosting properties.

If you’re seeking a natural energy boost, Ashwagandha has your back. Its traditional use as an energy enhancer is backed by research demonstrating its ability to bolster cardiovascular endurance, amplify muscle strength, and reduce exercise-induced muscle damage.

As if these incredible advantages weren’t enough, I’ve got a surprise in store: the ability of ashwagandha to uncouple your mitochondria! Discover how this phenomenon can contribute to your overall well-being.

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33 thoughts on “The Insane Benefits of Ashwaghanda – The Ancient Testosterone Boosting Herb | Dr. Steven Gundry
  1. What is the safe, yet effective dosage? I understand too much causes liver damage, but not enough has no effect. What’s the sweet spot?

  2. Just a fantastic remedy!
    Take it every day for over a year now. Some days 1-2 grams other days 500 mg, it all depends on how I feel.
    The weird thing about ash is you can take it at night and it helps you sleep, and if you take it early on the day, it improves your energy, weird ye?

  3. I've been taking ashwaganda for over 3 years now and I'm sleeping better and…my testosterone is almost 1100 and I'm 59 years old next month! I've also been implementing Dr. Gundry's plant/longevity/energy paradox program and have never felt better! Over 90 lbs. lost over that time and have maintained my new weight effortlessly…thank you sir for your insights!

  4. If you want to spend a night or two vomiting bile, go on, try it. This stuff can literally kill you. Really dangerous to advertise it like this with no warning of possible “side effects” (effects, really). What happened to “first do no harm”?

  5. I also take Ashwagandha , but not everyday because I suffer Pudendal Neuralgia. It concerns me that it could affect more my symptoms because it is also an aphrodisiac, and I REALLY do not need that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But for the rest, specially stress relief and nerves it is awesome Dr. Gundry. ☺️🙏🏼

  6. I took one 500 mg for the first time this week. I was stuck in a negative rumination after hearing a comment at a BQ and was having trouble shaking it off. Within 15 minutes of taking it, that recycled negative thought went away. Very impressed.

  7. So why would us married men want to have higher T levels and a higher sex drive??
    Do you want to increase our frustration levels also?
    It sounds like like a nightmare supplement!

  8. If you want to get in a calm state of mine SMOKE SOME WEED. If you want to get a good nights rest TAKE 2 Quaaludes and a SHOT of JACK.. If everyone took all the supplements that this guy and others post on line and they did what these guys say we, would all be super human… It never seems to amaze me the gullibility of people. But most of you watching probably voted for Biden and believe mask actually work…

  9. Ignoring a majority of the side effects is strange in this video. I noticed a more depressed mood and a lowered will or care for things I usually enjoy. I also felt more irritable.

  10. Ashwagandha is the real deal. I actually noticed a difference in my mood after the first dose. I think if it effects you in this way you know it's something special. I've been taking it for about 5 years now.

  11. Funny. I recently got a bit fed up with the sheer amount of supplements I had started taking. I decided to cut out the ones that seemed most like snakeoil and the exotic herbs got axed first. Luckily I hadn't thrown it away, so I'll just put it back on the menu. I'm genuinely surprised it's actually that beneficial. The supplement I got is a combination of 300mg Ashwagandha and 300mg Rhodiola, by the way. So now I'm a bit curious if the Rhodiola is as good too.

  12. It’s so easy to do men’s studies for medication,supplements,etc. How about the women? We deal with more hormone and thyroid issues it would be nice to get more attention on what’s safe for us to take.

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