Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Low Carb Athlete Conversations with Dr. Emily Werner on Mitochondria Health

Dr. Emily Werner is my guest on the show today to talk about mitochondria health!
Dr. Emily is a sport dietitian currently working in the NBA as Team Dietitian for the Philadelphia 76ers. Additionally. She is a consultant for Timeline Nutrition, a longevity and health brand that is focused on optimizing mitochondrial health. It is her mission as a practitioner and person to promote healthful practices using nutrition and exercise as tools for longevity.

“Healthy cells rely on a powerful recycling process: A process called mitophagy cleans up defective mitochondria and allows the mitochondria to repair themselves and improve their performance. This recycling and cleansing mechanism is proven to provide valuable health benefits.”
1. Fission: Mitochondria are broken down into smaller fragments and any that are damaged are separated so that they can be targeted by mitophagy.

2. Mitophagy: Born out of a decade of rigorous scientific research and discovery, we have unlocked the bioactive properties of the pomegranate to develop Mitopure, a proprietary highly pure Urolithin A.

3. Biogenesis: A process that takes place when new healthy mitochondria are regenerated by our cells and then fused with existing healthy ones.
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1. What is her philosophy as a dietitian?

2. How does Emily approach supplements with her athletes?

3. What is Timeline Nutrition’s purpose and strength?

4. How does exercise, fasting, nutrition and supplementation help our mitochondria function their best as we age?

5. How can endurance athletes improve the aging process and fuel/train their FUTURE SELF?

What about you?
Are you an ambitious, high performer on a mission to improve the aging process?
Do you struggle to get the desired results even when doing all the “right” things?

Remember the definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over an over again expecting different resutls. What are you doing different today? How about prioritizing protein and lifting heavy weights to build/maintain muscle as you age?

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