Saturday, September 30, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Role of Mitochondria in Trauma Work with Dr. Gabor Maté

Have you ever wondered about the intricate connection between trauma, energy, and our body’s microscopic powerhouse – the mitochondria? In my recent conversation with Dr. Gabor Mate, we explored how trauma is fundamentally an energy problem, and our mitochondria play a pivotal role in it.

Interestingly, while most cells in our body contain up to 30 million mitochondria, nerve cells, which are instrumental in transmitting our stress and trauma responses, house a whopping 300 million. This indicates that our nerve cells are especially sensitive to energy imbalances, which could be one of the reasons why conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome are so perplexing to many in the medical community. But beyond just energy, we delved into how elements like copper, in excess, can negatively influence our neurons. This excess can arise due to reasons like a zinc deficiency, which is common among those with mood challenges.

Moreover, this biological perspective brings forth a new understanding of conditions like postpartum depression. The rise in copper levels during pregnancy to support the baby’s nervous system development, if not properly regulated post-delivery, can lead to severe emotional challenges for the mother.

However, as Dr. Mate pointed out, while biology plays a role, the emotional and relational aspects are also crucial. Postpartum depression, for instance, often manifests in the context of past traumas and current relational dynamics. Thus, it’s essential to view the human body as an interconnected whole, where biology and emotions constantly influence one another.

In our quest for healing, it’s not about focusing on one aspect alone. As I’ve learned from my personal journey and my three-week course, it’s about integrating various components, from connecting with our bodies to understanding the underlying biology. Only by acknowledging the multifaceted nature of trauma can we truly embark on a comprehensive path to healing.

Join us in this educational deep dive, where we unravel the complexities of trauma from a holistic lens.


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