Monday, September 25, 2023
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Red Light Therapy Benefits (Energy, Anti-Aging, Inflammation)

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Red Light Therapy Benefits – I Use This Daily is a video is a video that red light therapy benefits and how you can use it to transform your health for the better. I am commonly asked what is red light therapy and does red light therapy work. The answer is that it is overwhelmingly proven in the research and can offer you some great benefits.

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10 thoughts on “Red Light Therapy Benefits (Energy, Anti-Aging, Inflammation)
  1. I have been using Red/Near Infra Red panels 6-7 years now. No wrinkles at 72.
    People that haven't seen me for a while all say the same thing "you haven't aged at all".
    20 to 25 min. every morning.

  2. I bought an infrared knee brace for my knee in which I have a year-old root meniscus tear due to cartilage loss. It makes my knee stiffer!! Tried it 3x and each time it seems to make it worse. Using LifePro unit (supposedky near and far, oscillating frequency mode and massage)

  3. I had a car accident a few years ago and at this time I had tendonitis restricted to my right shoulder . After the accident The tendonitis went all the way down to my elbow. My insurance covered what was called then IR treatments. This took 14 treatments of about 30 minutes each and was 100% gone at this time. Expensive up here, so I was glad it was covered.

  4. One question I want to ask and hope you can tell me. Is red light safe to my eyes if I close my eyes while using red light on my face ? I don’t want to wear anything on my eyes for protection as I want the skin surrounding my eyes could also benefit from the effect of red light.

  5. Hi , i had the unfortunenate luck of getting covid in the last 3 days . Its horrible and its the first time i've had it . I caught it off my wife and she had it about 2 weeks . We thought she just had a cold but now we know its not a cold . Do you think that infrared light therapy could kill off the covid virus in the blood . I have a infrared light lamp with a single bulb and i am trying to use it to reduce the covid effects . I just started taking N.A.C to ease the effects as well . I hope that i have no long term issues but just trying to get phyiscally moving is hard and im sweating alot . What a nightmare . 👍

  6. You know what doctor, its wonderful that you and other integrative practitioners focus on prevention. It saves lives. But you all seem so afraid talk about how to actually heal the body once it’s reached the diseased state. That information is very much needed and will save many lives also. Please stop tip-toeing around it.

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