Friday, September 29, 2023
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Remission Biome Protocol-The Architecture to Recovery

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Hi, Remission Biome. So, we’re all familiar with the concept of sleep architecture and that as we go to sleep every night, we go through different stages in regular patterns. We have light sleep, we have REM sleep when we dream and then we have deep restorative sleep or slow wave sleep. Healing from chronic illness can actually be thought in a very similar way to sleep architecture. And this is what I would call recovery architecture. And this is really what Remission Biome focuses on: Complex protocols for complex diseases.

We have created a system, an architectural framework for healing from illness based in part on Dr. Naviaux’s Cell Danger Response Theory and how mitochondria are affected during recovery processes with blockages that actually stop the recovery process from moving on.

So, well, what does this mean? Well, in stage one, the preparation phase, we’re really laying the groundwork for healing. We’re getting the system stable and we’re trying to figure out how to lower the incredible activation that’s being experienced by the nervous system. So that the changes that are actually made down the line can actually take root in the body.

And, in the second stage, the acute stage, we’re actually kind of rebooting the system. We’re rebooting the nervous system. We’re rebooting the immune system and we’re really getting things going again and working to shift the body into new cycles and new stages of recovery. And, this is where the antibiotics come in which really do seem to result in many patients in this complete reset when they’re having the remission event.

And then the third stage is the recovery stage. And, this is where we start correcting the long term dysfunctions that have existed in the system. We work on mitochondrial function, we work on energetic dysfunctions and we really start to lay the groundwork for becoming stronger and having a really strong baseline increase.

So, I challenge you to think about your own recovery in complex disease from this framework. Think about it in terms of the architecture of recovery. And, when you think about it in this way, Remission Biome doesn’t seem to be quite as crazy as it might seem at first glance. We’re using a complex protocol to treat complex diseases but it’s based on really rigorous science and patterns that we see in nature including questions that we have had in pathology and medicine for a really long time about why we don’t seem to understand recovery very well. We understand pathology very well but we don’t understand recovery really well. And, working from this architecture type concept, we can see that there are stages to recovery and you actually have to move through these stages in a very defined and measured way.

Well, I hope this is helpful and I hope you have a really great day. Bye, Remission Biome.


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