Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How to improve calcium signalling & prevent brain cell death & dementia

There’s a lot you can do to lower your risk of dementia. I figured out that excitotoxins, SERCA inhibitors, PMCA inhibitors & mitochondrial inhibitors all converge on the same final common pathway of excess, cytoplasm, calcium concentration; xs Ca2+ in cytoplasm leads to neuron cell death. Good news is that the vast majority of these can be avoided. You can just learn the names of the toxins & how to avoid them, & you protect your brain. By the way, I’ve never seen anyone put all this together before, and I studied tons of books, scientific papers & videos to put this all together. As far as I can tell, no one else in the world has done this. Others, of course, have studied each of the individual topics, but none has figured out to put it all together, and teach people how to avoid these things. This is all part of my goal to prove that I am the best doctor in the world. It’s between Dr Mcdougall & me. He’s better on some topics, & I’m better on other topics. There are great doctors like Esselstyn & TC Campbell & others, but most have limited ranges of topics covered. Other great ones have done brilliant things, but they are promoting some junk foods, so in my opinion, they are not eligible to be the greatest doctor in the world.
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10 thoughts on “How to improve calcium signalling & prevent brain cell death & dementia
  1. SO glad I found this! What can I do for my hyper parathyroidism? I take D3, but scared to take to much, as my doc says it could interfere with calcium uptake into bones. Also take magnesium, sunflower seeds, K2, avoid sugar and wheat. I eat 98% healthy foods, many organic. Oh, should I be avoiding dairy, too?

  2. You definitely put a ton of work into understanding and being able to explain these biochemical mechanisms. I am going to sit down and do an inventory of all the chemicals I am exposed to at work and home then go from there.

  3. So interesting! 
    My dear mum is in a care home, dementia deepening every few days, the worst SAD possible [flexibility promised, not happening], and because of thrombocytopenia they are giving her iron tablets per the Home doctor’s orders. At the case meeting a while back when I expressed alarm, they gaslighted me with ‘she’s fine, whatever are you talking about.”
    Everything you said is important to know. Thank you

  4. Amazing how you put so much info into such a short lecture. It helps me to understand chemically and mechanically how complicated our cells are. You are so right that it should build our appreciation for the work and love that God put into the creation of humans. Thanks for this lecture.

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