Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Ice baths promote brain health

Your brain works better on ice baths.

There are several reasons for it:
– mitobiogenesis boost your brain cell power
– production of ketones gives your brain its preferred fuel
– increased levels of neuroprotective factors like FFG21 and BDNF protect the brain, promote neuroplasticity, and improve memory,
– improved blood flow promotes brain function.

There is one man who knows this better than any other.

Joe Dituri, PhD, is both an expert in hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain health and a traumatic brain injury survivor. He’s developed a program for brain injury recovery that includes #icebaths for brain recovery. When he used an EEG to measure his own brain activity in the ice bath, he observed a enormous boost in brain activity that may be an indication of accelerated healing.


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