Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

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Full interview LIVE NOW – Angela is joined by Dr. Beth McDougall, a medical practitioner with a unique perspective on biology, physics, and human consciousness.

Dr. McDougall shares her personal healing journey and discusses the importance of mitochondrial health in overall well-being and longevity. She delves into the science of hormone therapy, particularly for women in perimenopause and menopause, emphasising the need for individualized approaches, as well as exploring various energy medicine treatments, such as red-light therapy, pulse electromagnetic field therapy, and resonance biofeedback therapy, which aim to optimise mitochondrial function and promote overall vitality.


The health of our mitochondria is fundamental to our overall health and aging process. Dysfunctional mitochondria can lead to diseases and aging.
Hormone therapy should be individualised based on a woman’s symptoms and needs during perimenopause. Some women may benefit from progesterone supplementation, while others may not need it.
Red-light therapy and pulse electromagnetic field therapies can help optimise mitochondrial function and improve overall health and vitality.
Resonance biofeedback therapy can identify and correct aberrant energetic signatures in the body, promoting balance and well-being.
It is important to listen to your body, understand your unique energetic signature, and take steps to optimise your energy and vitality as you age.

“The health of our mitochondria and how much energy our mitochondria can produce is really fundamental to the health of ourselves and our body.”

“So many of us are not fully embodied, maybe because of the experiences we’ve had and kind of the collection of the un-metabolized emotional signatures in the body.”

“If you tune into it, often that there’s something that will be communicated. And then you’ve learned what you needed to learn from that. And then you can let it go.”

“The therapies and the technologies in the kind of biohacking, bio-optimization space are really geared toward improving mitochondrial health.”


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Dr. Beth McDougall has been in practice since 1998 and is an internationally recognized Integrative physician with a specialty in multi-factorial degenerative disease. She is founder of CLEAR Center and the co-founder and medical director of the cutting edge, bio-optimization lab, JYZEN in Mill Valley, CA. Long known as a medical detective, Dr. McDougall excels at unraveling complex, multi-factorial conditions. She is advancing a new medical paradigm, one at the intersection of medicine and contemporary physics, to transform the practice of medicine. Her book introducing this paradigm, “YOUR PRISTINE BLUEPRINT: The Missing Key to Longevity, Reversing Disease, and Radically Transforming Your Life,” addresses how this larger context can lead to profound health and well-being.

Dr. McDougall is the Chief Medical Officer of Resonance Technologies Group (RTG), a fund with five health companies in its portfolio: Immunacor, Sonaphi, Sourcewave, CLEAR Health, and Cell Code —all companies with energetic diagnostic and healing technologies based in resonance physics. She sits on the advisory board for Energy Medicine University and the scientific advisory board for the Resonance Science Foundation.


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